Warehouse Inventory Systems - Chainway Mobile Readers and RFID

Warehouse Inventory Systems – Chainway Mobile Readers and RFID

Published on : February 9, 2022

What should you know about warehouse inventory systems?

  1. Why Get Warehouse Inventory Systems
  2. Typical Features
  3. Chainway Mobile Readers and RFID

Anybody who has ever worked in or managed a warehouse knows how important it is to keep everything organized. As a part of the supply chain, the efficiency of the warehouse inventory systems can also affect the experience of the customer, the shipping itself, and the number of fulfilled tasks/orders that can be done in a single day. This is because the systems are in place to make the workflow more efficient in the warehouse, providing solutions to common warehouse management challenges. They have several features and functions, and they’re instrumental in effective, modern-day warehouse management.

A modern solution, the existence of a warehouse inventory system renders the option to do inventory manually, the inferior choice. The good ones take advantage of the best of modern technology like Chainway mobile readers and RFID. If you want to learn more about these systems, keep reading!

Why Get Warehouse Inventory Systems

Why Get Warehouse Inventory Systems

The many benefits of warehouse inventory systems make the whole process of taking inventory a whole lot easier. Here are some of the reasons why a warehouse inventory system would benefit you:

  • Improves order accuracy – A warehouse inventory system will let you track all of your inventory better. Having a system do the tracking and handling of the order will minimize the possibility of human error. It also means that the inventory itself will be more organized which is a big factor when it comes to order accuracy.
  • Boosts productivity – Installing a good warehouse inventory system is like giving a marathon runner a third leg. With a good system, the whole process will move faster as some manual tasks can be automated. It frees up more time for the staff to do more important tasks and other functions. Overall, more gets done in the same amount of time.
  • More cost-efficient – Many people get the misconception that getting a warehouse inventory system means extra costs for the company. On the contrary, because of the benefits that it brings, you can reduce costs for labor, storage, and fulfillment. Combine it with the increase in productivity, which also improves your bottom line, and you’ll get more gains than losses.
  • Improves customer experience – Customers appreciate it when their orders are accurate and arrive on time. With the help of a good warehouse management system, this would be easy to achieve.

Typical Features

The typical features of a warehouse management system are as follows:

  • Asset and inventory tracking – Perhaps the most important part of the system, asset and inventory tracking uses advanced technology, usually radio-frequency identification (RFID), to keep tabs on every piece of inventory. This ensures that everything is accounted for in a more efficient manner.
  • Warehouse design – Good management systems would let the users establish a good warehouse design, customized to their liking. Thanks to this feature, warehouse managers can optimize warehouse processes as best as they could.
  • Labor management – The system will let managers and supervisors monitor the performance of all workers from a single computer. Using higher-level accounts, users can view all the information they need about their workers.
  • Shipping management – Another way for the system to lighten the workload on the workers is to let it handle the management of anything related to shipping, such as packing lists, bills, and invoices.
  • Report generation – The system can create automatically generated reports for easier analysis of worker performance and warehouse operations.

Chainway Mobile Readers and RFID

As mentioned earlier, good warehouse inventory systems take advantage of modern innovations and use advanced technology to do their job. Chainway mobile computers are some of the best hardware to use in combination with a management system. This is because it also supports RFID scanning, functioning as a scanner itself.

A good example would be the AseTrak Mobile Reader, equipped with a Chainway Software Development Kit. As expected, it is used for RFID scanning, but it can also do iris/fingerprint recognition, infrared scanning, PSAM, and barcoding. It also has a powerful processor and can connect to wireless connections like 4G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Key Takeaway

If you consider all of the factors, a warehouse inventory system — especially if you have the right hardware to match — would be a great investment instead of an additional cost. However, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, which is why it is advisable for you to ensure that your system supports Chainway Mobile Readers and RFID for the best performance.

If you’re already considering acquiring one of these systems, then it’s best to get state-of-the-art asset tracking and RFID devices as well. At ELID, we only produce the best innovations in access control, security systems, and inventory management. You can check out our asset tracking solutions here, or take a look at all of our products here. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries on how else we can help you with your systems!