7 Benefits Of Having A Visitor Management System

7 Benefits Of Having A Visitor Management System

Published on : April 28, 2021

What are the benefits of having a visitor management system?

  1. Reduced check-in time
  2. Increased workplace efficiency
  3. Immediate safety benefits
  4. Visibility and accountability
  5. Enhanced image of professionalism
  6. Health and safety compliance
  7. Cost-effective in the long run


If you’re still using paper-based or manual log-in systems in your establishment, you might be making your employees and workplace vulnerable to security issues. After all, not only does it take too much of your receptionist’s time but also isn’t reliable when it comes to tracking visitor activity. For this reason, you need to know the visitor management system benefits! Keep on reading to learn more.

Reduced Check-In Time

Reduced Check-In Time

After installing your visitor management system in your establishment, the first thing you will experience is faster check-ins. This modernized reception method is much more productive to use compared to paper-based registrations. Just take a photo of the guest and their ID, type some things, and you’re done! When a visitor comes back for a second time, the process is even faster.

For example, the E.Vis by Elid automatically logs in visitor information within seconds. After that, a special visitor card can also be generated in a few moments.

Increased Workplace Efficiency

That means that if you’re previously using a paper-based system, you will experience an improvement in efficiency in your workplace with visitor management software. Instead of having to rummage in a pile of books to retrieve visitor information, you can save your staff’s time by clicking a few buttons on the computer.

Aside from that, a visitor management system such as Winpro 2 is also user-friendly because administration and configuration can be done through a web browser via a smartphone. Because of this benefit, you and your staff have extra time to focus on more important tasks.

Immediate Safety Benefits

Immediate Safety Benefits

The next thing you would notice is the quick improvement of security for your establishment and employees. This is because a visitor management system is a deterrent for criminals. Instead of going through the trouble of having their identification recorded in your database, most of them would move on to another place.

There are even more benefits when a visitor management system is combined with other security solutions. For example, the Matrix V System also has a door, lift, and vehicle access control system so not only can you screen your guests in the lobby but also restrict their access to important areas.

Visibility And Accountability

Because you have a record of all your guests in one place, it is easy to access archive records for information anytime. This way, you can track your visitors’ building activities whenever you feel that they’re suspicious. For example, Winpro 2 Systems has a behavioral analysis feature to help you understand guests’ visiting patterns.

Other than that, a visitor management system can also help you settle guest disputes. For example, if you encounter a past visitor complaining that they sustained an injury in your establishment, all you have to do is check the records if they really visited that day.

Enhanced Image Of Professionalism

With the modernized reception methods in addition to the latest cameras, tablet-based forms, and high-tech access cards, your business will create a great first impression for guests. Combined with the efficiency and reduced check-in times in the lobby, any visitor would think highly of your establishment. This means that they’re more likely to take your staff seriously, behave professionally, and do business with your company.

A visitor management system would also give them peace of mind whenever they’re in your establishment. It shows that you’re taking their security seriously and care about their welfare.

Health And Safety Compliance

Another concern for most establishments nowadays is the health and safety of the employees and the guests. With multiple people coming in and out of your building, you have no idea which visitors are in optimum physical health and who might have conditions that can compromise the wellness of others.

But because a visitor management system helps you keep a record of your guests, you can conduct much more efficient contact tracing activities.

Cost-Effective In The Long Run

If you’re transitioning from a paper-based and manual registration system, you will experience reduced costs with a visitor management solution. Because of a paperless method, you can get rid of the need to buy paper badges, logbooks, and a dedicated book-keeping structure to keep data organized.

But aside from these overhead costs, the efficiency provided by a visitor management system will also reduce labor expenses for your business. Instead of having to engage with all the guests throughout a lengthy registration process, your receptionists can focus on more complicated tasks.

Key Takeaway

With these visitor management system benefits, every establishment will experience the changes in just a few days. Not only will it enhance the security of your establishment but also save time and money—which are valuable assets in any business.

If you’re interested in Elid’s visitor management system, send a message here so we can help you.

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