Monitoring Visitors Of Gated Properties

5 Uses Of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

Published on : April 15, 2021

What are the uses of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System?

  1. Monitoring visitors of gated properties
  2. Securing military bases and research facilities
  3. Assisting law enforcement
  4. Fixing road traffic problems
  5. Making parking more efficient


If you have a security system in place, chances are you know all about access control options. From gates, doors, lifts, and hotel locks system in the Philippines—you can restrict entry and monitor guests with key cards and high-end technology. But aside from that, did you know that there are numerous uses of an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system as well? Keep on reading to learn more.

Monitoring Visitors Of Gated Properties

Monitoring Visitors Of Gated Properties

Aside from access control systems that can monitor people entering in and out of your building, you also need to keep track of guests entering with vehicles. This is necessary especially for gated subdivisions and villages, where the prime selling point is their security. But while guards are on duty on the gates 24/7, troublemakers can find loopholes to enter.

For this reason, residents can register car plates of approved visitors into the database beforehand with the ELID EV200. After that, a reader at the gate will check a vehicle’s license plate against the information on the records. If it matches, the barrier will lift up and the car can enter. Otherwise, the security personnel can interview the driver.

Because consumers are becoming smarter regarding their housing options, developers can’t skip on security protocols even when these villages are gated. Decision-makers in the families will always go for safer choices if it means having peace of mind regarding their loved ones.

Securing Military Bases And Research Facilities

Aside from residential communities, ANPR has also been used in facilities that need to protect confidential information. In these high-security properties, access is restricted to staff only to reduce theft of intellectual property. Otherwise, they risk unintentionally providing classified details to interested parties.

Because of this, ANPR is the perfect solution. Because license plates can be registered in the database, only those who are connected with the organization can enter. For enhanced security, fingerprint scanners and face recognition technology are also used. If there are guests, the management can control access easily by only allowing one vehicle to be used.

Besides, in these large facilities, you won’t only have one entry point. Fortunately, there are car park management systems with ANPR technology which allows for multiple location setup.

Assisting Law Enforcement

Assisting In Law Enforcement

Speaking of security, did you know that ANPR systems are also used to detect criminal activities on private properties as well? Because the cameras can automatically recognize license plates, stolen cars can be reported to the right authorities for monitoring. If one of these vehicles enters the same gates in an attempt to cause more trouble, the criminals can be stopped in their tracks and reported to the police.

Besides, the presence of this technology will already deter potential trespassers. If they have an inkling of the technology’s capabilities, they would go back and never return. For enhanced security, these are also integrated with the main security systems too.

Other than that, ANPR is also seen on various roads as well. Some are combined with overspeeding monitoring devices to detect cars that are overspeeding on expressways. Because the cameras provide clear evidence of a violation, the owner of the vehicle with the recorded license plate will be required to pay a fine.

Fixing Road Traffic Problems

ANPR is also the perfect solution when it comes to reducing traffic congestion. Because it can be placed on bus lanes, it can deter motorists from illegally using these paths as shortcuts. As a result, these routes will be much more spacious, making the commute a better experience.

Aside from bus lanes, ANPR is also beneficial on tollgates. Even though expressways are made to make traveling faster, most cars will get delayed at the toll booths. That’s why in some countries, not only is it used for enhanced security but also for faster collection of payments. This way, the overall experience for the driver is made more convenient.

Making Parking More Efficient

ANPR has also been the prime option in residential and employee parking lots found in offices. These devices are used to speed up the entry and exit process of each vehicle. As a benefit, businesses that provide use of company cars can also restrict its usage during work hours only.

Other than private parking lots, an ANPR system can also be used in commercial spaces. It can provide automation in malls, food parks, and other leisure businesses by removing ticketing processes and making payments more convenient. Some establishments offer cashless payments and provide automatic discounts to seniors and company staff through this technology as well.

Because of this, you can shorten the queues and make customers happier. Aside from that, the ANPR system will also leave a professional impression on your clients. It will make them feel safer on your property, which helps you increase brand loyalty.

Key Takeaway

From parking spaces, residential communities, high-security facilities, and roads—the uses of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System are many. It doesn’t just manage traffic flow more efficiently but also makes staff, residents, and guests safer in a property.

If you’re interested in ANPR technology, don’t hesitate to contact Elid! With dedicated cameras and advanced software, you can protect your property from criminals while making the entry and exit experience much more convenient. Click here to learn more!