4 Types Of Access Control Systems For Every Building

4 Types Of Access Control Systems For Every Building

Published on : July 1, 2021

What are the types of access control systems that buildings need?

  1. Visitor Management System
  2. Vehicle Access Control System
  3. Door Access System
  4. Lift Access System

With traditional keys, you can’t know who enters a room at a specific time. They’re also difficult to manage especially if you have numerous rooms in your building. In addition to that, people can easily lose keys so you need to replace the locks immediately if you don’t want strangers to pick up the keys and enter your facility. But with an access control system, you can solve all these problems and increase control and security in your establishment. To help you, here are the different types of access control systems for every building.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

If you own an office, hotel, inn, resort, or the like, the first thing that guests will encounter is your employees at the lobby. If your building has countless visitors going in and out throughout the day, it might be difficult to monitor them if you’re still relying on a manual system. Your lobby personnel won’t be able to handle guests at peak times. During the new normal where social distancing is a must, this can become a problem.

A visitor management system can help remove the manual process and replace it with a more efficient digital registration process. Instead of log-books and excel sheets, your lobby staff can take a picture of a guest using a webcam, scan their ID, and give them a visitor card to restrict their access to your building—all in just a few minutes.

If you want to make your log-in process touchless, you can also pre-register guests in advance in your visitor management system.

Vehicle Access Control System

Aside from your lobby, employees and guests can also get in through your parking lot. Some business owners neglect the safety and security of this area which results in an increase in crime and a decrease in customer relations. But you can make your parking lot more secure with a visitor management system so audit trail reports can be found in one place.

A vehicle access control system will help control and monitor the vehicles going in and out of your parking area. Without access cards, employees and guests can’t go in freely.

You can also take advantage of the anti-passback features so a card can only be used to exit once it is swiped during entry. This way, an authorized person can’t help outsiders enter using the same card. Because you can monitor and control entry from a workstation, this reduces the need for direct contact with the drivers.

A system that controls access to vehicles can be used to track personnel, manage buses and trucks, and monitor the use of warehouse vehicles.

Door Access System

Door Access System

An access control system will give you the capacity to choose who has access, select which doors can be accessed, restrict the times an entry point can be accessed, and implement special conditions before granting entry. This makes it a great contactless solution to secure your building, unlike with manual lock and keys where you can’t track the user without security personnel guarding the door.

With a door access system, employees and guests can be accountable for their activities. If someone tries to get in a door by forcing it, it will trigger an alarm to your security personnel so they can take action.

Door access systems add another layer of security by providing a variety of identifiers. For example, a person would need to input their PIN or provide a fingerprint before being granted entry.

One of the advantages of a door access system is that it can be integrated with other access control systems. You can use it for HR management to track attendance while restricting the time employees can use their cards to enter secure areas.

Lift Access System

If you own an establishment, chances are, you might need a lift access system. Most businesses maximize space by building multiple floors, so this security solution is essential.

With a lift access system, you can customize access to particular floors through employee and visitor cards. For instance, a hotel guest can gain entry to floors where their room, the swimming pool, the gym, or the restaurant is located. But they can’t go to the back office and kitchen area without special permission. Compared to that, managers can have access to all floors. If a card gets lost, you can simply remove it from the system to render it ineffective.

A lift access system can be used with other access control methods such as a door access system. You can also make use of CCTV cameras to spot people who are attempting to go to restricted floors.

Key Takeaway

There are different types of access control systems that every building needs. With these advanced security solutions, you can control and monitor people coming in and out of your establishment. Because social distancing is a concern nowadays, it can also lessen the contact of employees with guests, therefore making a building safer not just from crime but also from threats to health safety.

If you’re interested in implementing access control systems in your building, you can send a message to Elid!