5 Tips And Ideas In Improving Condominium Security System

5 Tips And Ideas In Improving Condominium Security System

Published on : May 28, 2021

What are the tips for improving your condominium security system?

  1. Light up both common and hidden areas
  2. Install video surveillance strategically
  3. Restrict outsider access through technology
  4. Keep an eye out for criminal tailgaters
  5. Don’t forget to screen vehicle entry

Condominiums house numerous occupants on every floor. For this reason, you should expect countless visitors, delivery men, and mailmen in your lobby every single day. While having a security guard at entry points is very helpful in mitigating risk, these buildings have multiple entrances that thieves could access—such as parking lots, elevators, and more. With that in mind, here are some tips for improving your condominium security system. Keep on reading to learn more.

Light Up Both Common And Hidden Areas

Condominiums have numerous areas for tenants to stay in their free time. From swimming pools, gyms, lobbies, and more—these are the places where people crowd most of the time. For this reason, hidden areas such as emergency exits, corners of a parking garage, and such can potentially be secluded locations for troublemakers who want to sneak around. To prevent this problem, you can install bright lights in hallways, storage rooms, stairwells, laundry rooms, and waste management areas.

Other than that, all outdoor areas should still be visible to security guards and tenants even at night. If these are brightly lit, it can help deter criminals or help your personnel catch them in the act.

Install Video Surveillance Strategically

Most condominiums install CCTV cameras in common areas such as parking lots, lobbies, stairwells, hallways, and elevators. If you have amenities such as pools and gyms, it is also advisable to do so. Instead of hiding them in hard-to-see spots so trouble makers can’t see them, you should show that you have security cameras to deter crime.

But other than installing cameras, you should ensure that you can catch troublemakers in the act. That means having motion detectors, door sensors, and an intrusion alarm system in addition to a CCTV Camera. This way, your security personnel will be automatically notified if there is a security breach.

For example, when you’re using the Matrix V system, it can show you the immediate vicinity in the map where the breach has taken place. This gives your security personnel the option whether to call the police, seal any nearby exit points, or apprehend the troublemaker.

Restrict Outsider Access Through Technology

With countless visitors going in and out of your condominium, you need to have a proper screening process to reduce security risks in your building. This means migrating from a paper-based registration method to a high-tech visitor management system. This will allow you not just to screen guests but also restrict their activity during visiting hours.

The E.VIS visitor management system, for example, can help you keep track of visitors’ details efficiently. It includes a reader to log in personal information, a camera to capture a photo of the guest and their ID, and key cards that can restrict access inside your building. Reports are also available if you want to view a guests’ visiting record or the last area they accessed.

Compared to an employee and tenant access card, visitor cards will expire after a limited period so they can’t be used after visiting hours.

Keep An Eye Out For Criminal Tailgaters

Criminal tailgating happens when an outsider intentionally follows an authorized person to enter a restricted area. This occurs when a polite tenant holds a door open for someone who dresses like a resident or when he uses his elevator card for another person. Criminals take advantage of the courtesy of other people to access secured areas in a building.

To prevent this problem in your condominium, you can opt for an AI Anti Tailgate system such as the Elid Eye. It only allows a single person to enter a secured entry point every time an access card is swiped. This prevents outsiders from tailgating and encourages tenants to follow the protocols without fear of being impolite to other people.

Don’t Forget To Screen Vehicle Entry

Other than the valuables that are kept inside each condominium unit, some tenants also have cars that can attract thieves. Parking lots can also be used as alternative entryways when the lobbies are secured with personnel and high-tech security systems.

With access control solutions for doors, lifts, and gates, you shouldn’t forget to monitor vehicle entry in your condominium. To allow access to tenants and employees only, you can invest in a vehicle access control system in your building. When used with the right barriers that can open and close within seconds, it won’t affect the convenience of your residents.

Key Takeaway

One of the most important security tips for condominiums is to restrict outsider access. Whether it’s through the lobby, parking lot, lift, doors, and gates—having an access control system in place can go a long way in deterring theft and burglary. Visibility should also be one of your main concerns. Bright lights, CCTV cameras, and an intrusion alarm system can help prevent crime and help you respond to incidents more quickly.

If you’re interested in more tips for improving your condominium security system, you can send Elid a message today!

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