Tips To Improve Parking Lot Safety In Your Establishment

Tips To Improve Parking Lot Safety In Your Establishment

Published on : January 6, 2021

What are the tips to improve parking lot safety in your establishment?

  1. Install sufficient lighting
  2. Place signs to direct drivers
  3. Hire guards to patrol the area
  4. Invest in CCTV cameras
  5. Obtain an access control system
  6. Acquire a license plate recognition software


There are many benefits to having a parking lot in your establishment. It can encourage more people to shop at your store and give your business curb appeal. Aside from that, it can be an additional source of income. But in exchange for these, you have to provide a secured space for your guests and employees. Keep on reading for more parking lot safety tips!

Install Sufficient Lighting

Install Sufficient Lighting

Having a well-lit parking lot can help drivers to navigate easily. It will reduce collisions by making blind spots more visible. Pedestrians will also avoid trips and falls which can lead to injuries. Aside from these, a bright parking space can also deter crime such as theft and burglary.

As much as possible, install sufficient lighting in all areas including stairways. Any place where a criminal can hide should be a priority. Make sure that even at night, the surroundings can be seen easily by your customers.

Place Signs To Direct Drivers

The layout of a parking lot can be confusing to first-timers. There are a lot of turns to take and multiple paths to choose from. Taking the wrong route could make them spend a lot of time just to find space to park in. This can also encourage car crashes and collisions.

Place enough signages to direct drivers to the right destination. As much as possible, only allow one-way paths to eliminate cars that can block drivers going from the other way. Make sure that signs are big enough to be easily be seen from afar. It is also a good idea to make walkways for pedestrians.

Hire Guards To Patrol The Area
Hire Guards To Patrol The Area

To enhance parking security and safety you should always have guards patrolling the area. Their presence can help deter crime. These authoritative figures can approach suspicious individuals and plant a seed of doubt in any troublemaker’s mind.

Make sure that you are hiring professionally trained guards from reputable agencies. Inform them of any possible problems that they may encounter and solutions to overcome them. At night, require them to wear high visibility clothing to minimize risks.

Invest In CCTV Cameras

To increase the safety of your customers, you can choose to invest in CCTV cameras. Any trouble maker would hesitate upon seeing these devices. If anything does happen, the incident will be recorded and you can easily track criminals. If you pair it with a security system it would also come with an alarm to notify you of real-time events.

Aside from this, CCTV cameras could also serve you in times of emergencies. For example, if a customer reported a missing child, you can easily scan through your video footages to help them. Just make sure to install your cameras in strategically located areas and avoid any blind spots.

Obtain An Access Control System

You may already be familiar with access control systems involving doors, lifts, and gates. But did you know that you can also install one for vehicles? It comes with software, controllers, readers, and barriers. Malls, hotels, and other professional establishments use this.

Vehicle access control works by providing access cards to tenants, guests, and employees of an establishment. This serves as a way to enter and exit the parking lot. You can also restrict access to certain areas. Through this, you will have a digital record that you can easily search through whenever you need information.

Acquire A License Plate Recognition Software

Parking lots can become very busy during peak hours. For this, you may want to consider installing an automatic license plate recognition software. It can easily detect any recorded plate numbers and allow access even if a person is not manning the entrance. This will be useful for employees, members, frequent guests, and delivery men.

Aside from this, it is also a safety feature you would want in your establishment. It instantly records license plates, which means that it can serve as evidence for stolen vehicles or criminal activity. It is also easy to install because it can be used alone or integrated with other security systems.

Key Takeaway

To increase your parking lot safety, you may want to install sufficient lighting, place signs to direct drivers, hire guards, invest in CCTV cameras, obtain an access control system, and acquire license plate recognition software. These steps can help you deter crime, keep your customers safe, and provide an overall secure atmosphere for all users.

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