Improved Building Security with Smart Gates and Visitor Management Systems

Improved Building Security with Smart Gates and Visitor Management Systems

Published on : September 29, 2021

What are the smart gates and visitor management systems I can use?

  1. ELID’s Visitor Management System
  2. Flap Barrier Gate
  3. Speed Gate Turnstile
  4. Full-Height Turnstile
  5. Slim Lanes Series

When it comes to building protection, many business owners tend to think of the basics: alarms, CCTV, deadbolts, and the like. But facilities like medical centers, universities, and commercial buildings need more levels of security to protect their assets. That’s where smart gates and visitor management systems come in. In this post, we explain how to efficiently improve your building’s safety, and how these technological solutions can be integrated into your existing systems.

Why These Solutions are Crucial for Your Building Security

Many buildings experience high traffic flowing in and out of their facilities, and while this may be good for business, it also poses a security risk. With the right security measures, any person could access restricted areas with ease and take valuable assets with them.

Things like smart gates, security cameras, card readers, and other measures also act as a physical reminder that your building is highly secure. As a result, the sight of them also acts as a deterrent to would-be criminals, and incidents are less likely to happen on your premises.

ELID’s Visitor Management System

Scores of visitors pass through your building every day, which is why having a visitor management system like ELID’s is essential. With our solution, you will gain the ability to screen, track, and manage the flow of people in and out of your property. You can even scale your security parameters to suit the specific requirements of your facility. You can take into account schedules, events, and other special considerations and program them into your system.

Additionally, our Visitor Management System is compatible with each of our Smart Gate products. They work together seamlessly to create a highly customizable system for any building. ELID’s solutions are particularly useful in the new normal, where contactless management helps protect employees, residents, and visitors alike.

Flap Barrier Gate

Flap Barrier Gate

One version of our Smart Gates is the Flap Barrier Gate. ELID designed this gate with the golden ratio in mind, which makes the entry point comfortably wide for any user without being too bulky. Additionally, our gate is coated with wood-grain transfer paint technology, which creates a pleasing wood-like appearance. As a result, this Smart Gate exudes an artistic atmosphere for your entryways.

Aside from its aesthetic value, the Flap Barrier Gate is also a highly secure option. It supports many reading options, such as biometrics, RFID readers, face recognition readers, and even QR code scanners. Additionally, it provides programmable code for secondary developments to be integrated into your reading systems.

The Flap Barrier Gate also has additional security features such as infrared sensors and smart alarms during emergencies. They automatically open when there is a power failure, which could happen in cases of earthquakes, storms, or fires. They also automatically close during ‘time-out,’ meaning if someone accidentally leaves them open after-hours, your building will remain secure.

Speed Gate Turnstile

Speed Gate Turnstile

The Speed Gate Turnstile is a high-quality security system that offers a DC brushless servo motor configured using advanced control systems. With these measures, it achieves precise control, stable performance, and little need for maintenance.

Based on German technology, it uses a lossless mechanism structure that ensures a long product lifespan. Its complex detection technology can capture even the slightest behaviors that threaten passageway safety, such as reserve passing, tail-gating, and other actions.

This turnstile also features a speedy opening and closing mechanism, a slim body, and a transparent swing barrier. Like the Flap Barrier Gate, it automatically opens during a power failure. It also automatically closes on ‘time-out.’ It can also fully integrate with infrared sensors and intelligent alarms. When you implement this gate, you ensure that your employees, visitors, and residents have a more pleasant experience.

Full-Height Turnstile

Full-Height Turnstile

This product is an upgraded version of the typical tripod turnstile model. It has a 120° tripod arm and a 90° cross arm that can be applied depending on the situation. It also has a full height of 2.3 meters, a full cover on top, and guardrails on both sides of the revolving door.

This full-coverage design effectively prevents security threats like trailing, gate-jumping, spanning, and other intrusions from occurring. The Full-Height Turnstile is a highly secure gate and is suitable for places with higher requirements (such as financial institutions).

Additional security measures include an adjustable direction (one-way or a two-way pass), a free passage in emergencies, LED indicators for passage status, and integration for alarms, infrared scanners, and many more.

Slim Lanes Series

Slim Lanes Series

The Slim Lanes Series offers dynamic, unerring security for its users. Slim Lanes are encased in a sleek and elegant design. It has a minimal footprint while still being comfortable for your visitors, and has discrete and ergonomically placed readers on its body. This modular product can also be installed in single or multi-lane arrays, making it perfect for modern buildings:

  • Offices
  • Retail spaces
  • Universities
  • Other commercial buildings

Aside from its high-class design, the Slim Lane Series also has sophisticated security technology. It offers bidirectional throughput, user tracking, high processing capacities, and a threat detection system. These features guarantee that any unauthorized persons will not be able to access your building through this barrier.

In addition to these measures, it also contains embedded software interfaces that provide quick monitoring and configuring capabilities. It also has TCP/IP communication which ensures speedy and accurate communication between your ELID Visitor Management System and the Smart Gate. Lastly, it complies with safety protocols, prevents finger entrapments, automatically opens during fires and earthquakes, as well as, other measures that ensure the safety of all users.

Key Takeaway

Among all of the products and solutions available to you, ELID’s Smart Gates and Visitor Management System are considered the key essentials for any building. Our security solutions are all highly customizable and scalable, meaning that they can fit any security needs you and your building may need. Interested in installing one of our Smart Gates today? Send us a message here.