Which Smart Gate Should You Use in Your Building?

Which Smart Gate Should You Use in Your Building?

Published on : February 3, 2023

Which smart gate should you use in your building?

  1. Keycard Gates
  2. Biometric Gates
  3. Remote Control Gates
  4. Mobile App Gates
  5. Video Intercom Gates
  6. Solar-powered Gates
  7. Speed Gates

Construction of high-rise buildings in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila, has been on the rise. These structures house millions of Filipinos who live, work, and carry out business activities, symbolizing the city’s urbanization and modernity. However, as the number of buildings increases, so does the need for better security systems, since traditional manual gate systems are unable to keep up with the traffic volume and potential security threats in these large complexes. That’s where a smart gate in the Philippines comes in.

In recent years, smart gates have gained popularity as an addition to both residential and commercial structures. Nevertheless, selecting the ideal smart gate for your facility might be overwhelming, given the abundance of options available. This blog will give guides on the various kinds of smart gates and the important things you should consider before buying to make the decision process smoother.

Key Card Gates

Key Card Gates

One of the most popular kinds of smart gates is the keycard gate. They function by using a keycard or keyfob that needs to be scanned by the gate’s reader to obtain entry.

The keycard acts as an indicator that a person has permission to enter the building. A database is kept on the premises of those who hold keycards. This makes sure that security and authorized personnel are able to track the different visitors and employees of a building.

Biometric Gates

Biometric Gates

Biometric technology, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, is used in biometric gates to control access. Given how difficult it is to fabricate biometric data, this type of gate can be more secure compared to using keycards. Aside from that, biometrics also eliminates the trouble of carrying cards or keys to gain access to the building. This smart gate is one of the most accessible and efficient.

Remote Control Gates

As its name suggests, remote control gates are opened through the use of remote control. These are usually opened by the person inside the vehicle. It can also be installed on a vehicle. This is possible thanks to the transmitter on a remote that sends its signal to a receiver installed on the gate.

Mobile App Gates

If key cards are inconvenient for you, you can now have key access to your mobile phones. Mobile app gates manage access through a smartphone app. Users don’t need a keycard, keyfob, or remote control to unlock the gate; instead, they just need to hit a button on their smartphone. Buildings with a high volume of visitors are most suited for this kind of gate since it enables simple and practical entry for visitors.

Video Intercom Gates

Video Intercom Gates

Smart gates with a video intercom system are called video intercom gates. Before giving admission, the user can utilize this system to see who is at the gate and converse with them. Residential properties benefit significantly from video intercom gates because they increase security and let the owner verify who is at the gate before providing access. This is also very common in some hotels to guarantee the safety of the occupants.

Solar-powered Gates

This is also one of the great innovations for those who are trying to save their energy and electricity. Smart gates that are powered by solar panels are called solar-powered gates. These gates are great for distant sites because they are environmentally friendly and don’t need electrical wiring. Residential properties benefit greatly from solar-powered gates since they offer an easy way to safeguard the property without electricity.

Speed Gates

Speed gates are beneficial for controlling pedestrian traffic and maintaining the security of your property. Speed gates include safety elements built into their design, making them safer. They are designed to open again if an activity is detected, allowing them to identify when persons are trapped when they are closed.

ELID’s FirstLane swing door speed gate provides exceptional pricing while guaranteeing that quality and safety are not sacrificed. The FirstLane speed gate adheres to fashion and architectural trends because of its black-painted steel housing and the elegance of glass. Its unique DIRAS detection system guarantees accurate user tracking for the highest level of safety and security. FirstLane is even more user-friendly and straightforward thanks to the new dynamic LED lighting. It combines fast throughput with cutting-edge detection.

Key Takeaway

There are many options for smarter gates here in the Philippines. With many innovations and advancements in this field, more companies, buildings, and houses can start making the switch to this security solution. The need for these systems has been fueled by the rising desire for convenience and security in buildings, and it is anticipated that they will spread more widely in the upcoming years.

ELID is one of the best door access systems in the Philippines. If you’re interested in this or in any of our smart solutions and systems, you can contact us here today!

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