5 Years of Showcasing the Best Security Systems

5 Years of Showcasing the Best of Security Systems

Published on : July 25, 2018

This year, the Hotel Suppliers’ Show was held in the Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Lahug, Cebu City. In this event, companies showcase their best products and services for the many people who are interested in the industry. ELID has presented some of its best products in the Philippines. From the Attendance Monitoring System that is part of a big integrated security system, to smaller standalone systems, their products were carefully demonstrated so as to show the people in the event the quality and effectiveness of all their products.

ELID is a company that specializes in Integrated Security Systems with a slight focus in the field of access control. The name ELID is an abbreviation of the words “Electronic Identification” which stands to be the core of their many products.

For the past 5 years, ELID has participated in the yearly showcase and has never disappointed since. This year, it is their first time ever to showcase their products in the Visayas region. Even so, they have once succeeded in showing their products to some of the Hospitality Industry’s top players.

Here are the systems that ELID exhibited in the Hotel Supplier’s Show:

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Just one component of the more complete and complex integrated security system which will be discussed later in this article, the visitor management system basically allows hotels, resorts, companies, and corporations to monitor their guests and employees as they move about the premises. Its other features include the creation and assignment of visitor cards instantly on demand. The visitor cards act as both electronic identification as well as authorization when entering certain areas. It can also serve as a way to track the locations the visitor has entered, as well as an analysis of where the visitor frequently goes to.

Energy Savings System

Energy Savings System

This system is one of the newer technologies that has become available thanks to the partnership between ELID and Enkoa. This system provides a way to efficiently avoid unnecessary energy consumptions through a series of different sensors that help identify if there is a need to turn off appliances in the absence of the human intervention. This smart system only works for its authorized card. It also has courtesy time integrated into its system for smooth energy cut-offs and automatic temperature adjustments.

This energy saving system boasts a degree of versatility because of how it is possible to use it not only in hotels and resorts but also in many corporate offices.


XDR Hotel Locks System

Also known as Xeeder by Hitec, this system is a collection of different lock models and mechanisms using biometrics, keycards, and wireless and Bluetooth technologies. These locking mechanisms can easily be integrated with multiple aspects of a building: lift access, door access, parking access, and many other system solutions that a client might need.

iKLAS Key Management System

iKLAS Key Management System

A security system that focuses on the safekeeping of keys, the iKLAS Management System provides many features that make it one of, if not, the best key management systems in the country. Using this system, you will be able to customize the access to keys, monitor the movement of room keys. Its locking mechanism allows it to be securely accessed through keycard, pin code, or biometric authorization.

Matrix V Integrated Security System

Matrix V Integrated Security System

Finally, the most complex yet effective and all-around security system the ELID has to offer is the Matrix V Integrated Security System. This system is designed particularly for advanced security needs. It is well suited for clients like corporations and government offices. As its name states, this security system integrates a wide range of standalone security systems into one giant connected system that can be customized depending on the client’s needs. The security systems that are integrated into this system are the following: Parking Access System, Visitor Management System, Smart Gates Control, Time and Attendance Monitoring Systems, Door Access Control, Lift Access Control, Key Management System, Asset Tracking, Security Patrol, CCTV Integration and Intrusion Alert.

The People Behind ELID's Impactful Booth

The People Behind ELID’s Impactful Booth

Of course, the success of ELID’s showcase must be attributed to the amazing people that entertained the many people who were attracted to their booths. People of ELID tirelessly brought the best out of their products through expertly performed demonstrations and precisely answered questions.

Thanks to their efforts the booth was considered a big success as they were able to attract many potential clients, business partners, and possible collaborators. Not only were they able to show how great the products of ELID are, but they’ve also shown that they don’t need a big booth to catch the attention of people, rather the quality of the products and the enthusiasm of the people representing ELID is enough.


Key Takeaway

ELID has been in the security systems business for 20 years. over these 20 years, they have grown and eventually introduced multiple products that are very useful for corporations, government offices, hotels, and many other buildings that need the latest and most effective security systems.

From simple attendance monitoring systems in the Philippines to energy-saving systems from Spain, ELID is sure to have the solution for your specific security need.