How Security Systems Can Deter Crime In Your Establishment

How Security Systems Can Deter Crime In Your Establishment

Published on : January 5, 2021

How do security systems deter crime in your establishment?

  1. Asking for personal information
  2. Watching their every move
  3. Requiring access cards
  4. Preventing tailgating
  5. Creating a secured atmosphere

Nobody wants to experience theft, burglary, and other crimes within their establishment. That’s why many people decide to invest in security and safety systems. Aside from catching criminal activity in action, did you know that it can also deter crime in the first place? If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Asking For Personal Information

Asking for Personal Information

Some hotels, condominiums, and gated communities do not have a digital security system to keep track of visitors. With a paper-based system, it requires the staff to have guests manually input their personal information. This can be a big loophole when it comes to safety.

If you have a visitor management system implemented at your lobby, the chances of crime can be reduced. First, valid IDs will be required, and the guests’ photos will be taken live at the registration area.

The knowledge that their faces and personal information will be taken will give doubts to a criminal to follow up with their crime. If they decide to cause trouble, they can easily be tracked and taken to the police.

Watching Their Every Move

Without a security system, most burglars will be confident to enter an establishment at night. There are no witnesses, no records of their faces, and no leads for the owner to chase.

But with CCTV cameras all around the place, criminals will be deterred. In fact, after a survey of 86 burglars, interviewers learned that most of them agreed that it is a deterrent.

Always keep your cameras on at all times. Combine this with an intrusion alarm system so you will be alerted of any criminal activity within your establishment even if you’re not there.

Requiring Access Cards

Requiring Access Cards

If you’re an outsider, going on lifts that require access cards would be embarrassing. For criminals, places that ask for this may put doubts on their minds. They won’t be willing to risk trespassing if they know that they need to go through an additional security step.

Even if they are granted a guest access card, they can only use it to enter general areas. Most restricted areas with valuable assets would need additional cards that only staff and managers hold. Even if they take it with them instead of returning it, the validity of the card will expire, rendering them unable to use it.

If a card is reported to be lost, you can easily deny access through the software so it can’t be used by criminals. You can issue a new card to the staff afterward.

Preventing Tailgating

Criminals are getting craftier as technology advances. With basic access control systems, outsiders will dress up similarly to your staff and employees by wearing professional corporate outfits. Then they will try to make their way in through restricted entry points.

They do this by appealing to the kind nature of people. Most would keep a door open for another person to come in, or press the elevator floor number for others out of courtesy. This way criminals don’t have to get access cards to open important doors or ride lifts.

But with an anti-tailgating system, this is not possible. Your hardware and software will immediately detect anyone who tries to enter a door, lift, or gate at the same time as an authorized person. Due to the sounding of the alarm, criminals will be deterred.

Creating A Secure Atmosphere

Creating A Secure Atmosphere

Remember that the first impression is important. If your establishment lacks any of the above-mentioned security systems, it will look easy to take advantage of. Most criminals would not risk getting caught, so they tend to go for easy targets.

Think of highly guarded facilities like banks and prisons. Your average trouble maker wouldn’t dare to trespass these establishments because of the numerous CCTV Cameras and security guards with guns. If you do it right, your security system will have this impression on potential criminals.

This is why a single deterrent is not enough. To give the message that your establishment is secured, it is a good idea to combine different elements of a security system such as CCTV cameras, visitor management system, intruder alarms, smart gates, door and lift access control, and number plate recognition. It is also smart to have a security person available at all times.

Key Takeaway

A security and safety system can deter crime in your establishment by asking for personal information, watching every person’s move through CCTV cameras, requiring access cards to enter restricted areas, preventing tailgating, and creating an atmosphere of security.

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