4 Security Systems that Every Business Should Have

4 Security Systems that Every Business Should Have

Published on : July 10, 2018

What are the Security Systems that Every Business Should Have?

  1. Video Surveillance Systems
  2. Attendance Monitoring Systems
  3. Access Control Systems
  4. Alarm Systems


There is always the chance of something bad happening anywhere you are. This is why security systems have become such a priority for most of the companies. Businesses have begun using video surveillance, alarm systems, and even biometrics. The Philippines is experiencing a minor economic boom. That means the economy is rising, and with it, the increase in companies and businesses that maintains it.

With that being said, it should be common knowledge for many companies to be updated with the latest security systems in order to keep their assets, both physical and logical, secure at all times.

If you are one of those people who aren’t aware of video surveillance, attendance monitoring, or the use of biometric machines in the Philippines, then this list will help you get started:

Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

One of the most basic and oldest kinds of security systems, video surveillance has been around for a long time. Its primary use is to monitor the area in which it has a view of. Everything within line of sight of it will be recorded and saved into a client’s data bank.

Surveillance systems can also be a great help in preventing any kind of crime from happening. Potential criminals who are knowledgeable of such technologies would be wary of targeting an establishment with them installed. Not only does a surveillance system prevent crime, it also makes it easier to catch the criminals when a crime occurs.

When strategically placed both inside and outside your business’ building, video surveillance gains more functions. One of them is to act as a monitoring system for your employees. A possible side effect of this is the so-called Hawthorne effect, which states that people will do their job better because they know that they are being watched. It can also help you in civil cases that happened within your premises. Video evidence is considered to be crucial, and it may mean the win or not for your company, or anyone involved.


Attendance Monitoring Systems

With companies incorporating flexi-time, and work-from-home policies, monitoring your employees has become complicated to do, especially when they have enough freedom to do so on their own. It is also important to note that attendance monitoring systems will help in checking if there is anyone who shouldn’t be in your company.

These attendance monitoring systems are easily customizable because of their operating systems existing primarily in the web. The data here is highly encrypted so that it won’t be easily reachable by underhanded means.

If online systems don’t appeal to you, then there is also the use of biometrics. In the Philippines, Biometrics is used by almost every well-known business. The use of biometric machines in the Philippines has helped many companies be more secured when it comes to their personal data, particularly when it comes to attendance monitoring.

The people who benefit the most from attendance monitoring systems are those in the HR department, particularly people who work on the payroll of the employees. With these attendance monitoring systems, it is easier for them to identify the exact amount of time a person has worked.

Some attendance monitoring systems also offer an easier way of requesting leaves and such through the system itself, or a website dedicated to the company.

Alarm System

Access Control Systems

One of the most used security system by the corporate commercial sector, access control systems have provided a new level of security for corporations, enterprises, and even simple commercial spaces. This security system basically manages, monitors and maintains who has access to where.

Before the rise of automated access control systems, the most popular form of it is the use of a lock and key. Only certain individuals had a key that will open a particular locked door. This way of access control is still widely used today, however, it is prone to human intervention. A key can be stolen from someone, or it can be misplaced and taken by a bad person. Locks aren’t all that safe anymore because of how many lock picking tutorials there are on the internet and the chance that a door is forcefully taken down.

Automated access control systems are made with these weaknesses in mind. Door lock systems are made to withstand a large amount of force, the automated lock, usually opened with the use of a keycard, was programmed to be resistant to hacking. And most of these automated door lock systems have an inbuilt alarm which goes off when someone forcefully tries to open it. Some door lock systems incorporate the use of biometric machines. The Philippines has many companies that are embracing this technology.

Access control goes as far as online databases and company mainframes. It uses a set of encryptions that gets stronger as the importance of the data gets higher. The best access control systems are impervious to many known forms of hacking, making it one of the best defenses against cybercrimes.


Alarm Systems

Security does not stop at human actions. It is also important to have security systems that are specially made to respond to nature. Sure, alarm systems are built into many of the discussed security systems, but these automated, wireless alarm systems respond to sudden changes in the temperature, unnatural movement, breaking of glasses, and many more.

Fire alarms are a now a requirement in most buildings. This is to ensure the safety of everyone working or living inside. Fire alarms trigger when there is a sudden increase in the temperature around it, or when it gets in contact with smoke. There are also alarms that get triggered by seismic activity. Chances are, there is an alarm system for many of the natural disasters known to man.


Key Takeaway

Security systems have now become a staple in every business, in every building. Technology has advanced so much that there are many kinds of systems that are designed to protect humans from any kind of danger. If you think your business needs a little more security, then consider the security systems mentioned above.