Security Systems Trends New Technology for Businesses

Security System Trends: New Technology for Businesses

Published on : April 25, 2019

What are exciting new technologies for businesses?

  1. Facial Recognition Biometrics
  2. Keyless Smart Locks
  3. Autonomous Robots
  4. Next-Gen Doorbells
  5. Advanced Video Analytics


The time to upgrade security systems in the Philippines is now. More technological advances are being created over time and it’s slowly penetrating the market to make it accessible for anyone. Securing a business not only helps keep it safe but also provides analytical data that can exponentially improve target demographics and calculated planning.

Some trends still remain controversial such as the use of facial recognition and artificial intelligence. Humans are still afraid of utilizing robots because of potential damaging programming errors. High-tech video doorbells also pose a problem because of the violation of certain terms and conditions. However, the latest technology can always be programmed and improved. Here are a few security system trends that are currently dominating:


Facial Recognition Biometrics

Facial recognition biometrics is just as controversial as fingerprint biometrics. Face recognition technology records the unique characteristics of a person’s visage and repurposes it for identification and authentication processes.

This type of biometric recognition was first seen on the Apple Face ID. Other smartphone companies soon followed the trend with their own versions. Banking apps and payment apps significantly improved security measures because of the innovation of facial biometrics.

The contactless capabilities are ideal for homes and law enforcement. The power of facial recognition doesn’t only apply to businesses but also the medical field and even demographics.


Keyless Smart Locks

Key Less Smart Locks

Key Less Smart Locks are the locks of the near future. Although the locks connected to Wi-Fi are a potential hunting ground for hackers, it’s still constantly being developed as of today. The introduction of a keyless smart lock can grant new security measures and features that can be convenient for users.

New smart locks can now be remotely accessed through applications, voice recognition, and Bluetooth. Added security measures are email and push notifications that send over information that updates who and what accesses the lock. Locks that are connected from a router can be accessed remotely or geofenced for maximum security. Utilizing geofencing allows business owners or homeowners to lock up or unlock within a set perimeter around the area.

Locks that are left alone can be automatically locked within the set time to avoid any security breach. Voice recognition can simplify the activation of the lock through the use of the phone or lock unit. Visitors can also receive a temporary code or access to the lock via an application.


Autonomous Robots

More startups are developing autonomous security robots. The power of autonomous robots comes from artificial intelligence, self-driving capabilities and of course, robotics. There are so many advantages to implementing robots but the fear of technology is still prevalent to humanity.

The robot is always on alert. Security robots can potentially be the most vigilant security measures ever to be invented by mankind. Humans get tired and robots can handle redundant tasks and can respond immediately when there is a situation. The mobility of the robot can further detect anomalies not normally reached by their human counterparts.

Robots can also reduce the risks that humans experience. They can easily deter any threats by sounding off with loud alarms and send security notifications. Robots are also resistant to human emotions by strictly enforcing programs that they were created with.


High-Tech Doorbells

High-Tech Doorbells

The video doorbell is the latest innovation for home and business security. These advanced doorbells can potentially be the first line of defense. Some doorbells include a voice box that can allow someone to speak to whoever is in front of the door. The camera capabilities installed in the doorbell can also keep the record of visitors and potential assailants.

The Wi-Fi capabilities of high-tech doorbells can allow remote video streaming to your phone or computer. These smart doorbells can also have facial recognition technology. Doorbells with infrared can differentiate between people, animals, and automobiles.

The battery of high-tech doorbells is housed inside and can be easily swapped for around the clock security. The emergence of these doorbells can eliminate the dangerous and terrifying situations that most classic horror movies highlight.


Advanced Video Analytics

Video analytics is a mainstream technology that uses computer algorithms to provide a deeper understanding of what’s happening on the security footage. Users receive complete data, accuracy, and consistency from the surveillance footage.

Facial recognition along with video analytics can identify individuals in real time. Facial recognition data can be used to identify criminals and malicious entities potentially entering facilities. Heat mapping technology applied in the analytics can study the intensity of motion in a certain area. Intrusion detection can benefit facilities with a large land area and reduce false alarms.

Sports industries also benefit from the people counting capabilities of video analytics. Real-time data can help security react appropriately to high-speed situations. It can even estimate how many people are present on average.


Key Takeaway

Security systems in the Philippines can be easily optimized and upgraded. The new technology coming out in the industry allows a seamless and wireless interaction to enforce better security measures. Artificial intelligence and robotics can undoubtedly benefit the human race without risking the creators as long as it’s carefully implemented.

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