How to Stay Secure in Your Hotel Room

Published on : July 30, 2019

What are the steps to secure your hotel room?

  1. Extra Vigilance
  2. Check the doors and windows
  3. Check the smoke detector
  4. Inspect the safe
  5. Check for emergency exits


Staying secure in your hotel room is easier because of the hotel locks system in the Philippines. These nifty inventions have revolutionized the hotel industry for the better. For many travelers, securing the hotel room is the last thing to think about. Change your habits as a traveler and make sure that every part of your room is secure. This can keep you and your loved ones safe from harm. This can also point you to the nearest emergency exit when there’s an inherent danger. Here the steps to follow to properly secure your hotel room.

Extra Vigilance

Extra Vigilance

Be extra vigilant when checking in and arriving at the hotel. Even before booking your hotel room, you can find ways to keep your information safe. One way to do this is by booking your hotel room online. This ensures that the least amount of information will be shared on arrival. The information that you do share stays between you and your front desk officer. Reputable hotels will keep your information safe and away from prying eyes. Vigilance goes a long way if done right.

Check the Doors and Windows

Once you arrive at your room, make sure to check the doors and windows. Most hotels don’t offer windows that can be unlocked but if you do find that your windows can be open and closed, check the locks. Make sure that the joints and various parts of the window work properly as well. Being located on a low floor for your accommodations might attract shady individuals to your room. This is especially applicable to resorts and motels. Apply the same checks to your door. Make sure that both of your keys are functioning. Check if lock system is properly working, for both the inside and outside of the lock. It may work outside, but sometimes you can run into some hiccups in the interiors. Most hotel lock systems have a fail-safe; you can ask the front desk for more information about this just to be sure. Make sure everything is functioning properly. If you find something awry, report it to the front desk immediately.

Check the smoke detectors

Check the smoke detector

This can apply to management. Make sure that your smoke detectors are functioning at all times. It’s difficult to control accidents without properly functioning safety measures. You may also ask about a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a colorless gas that can leak from appliances. Carbon monoxide leaks can lead to injury and death.  If you’re a guest, ask your front desk officer if your room is located near a pool heater, laundry room or water boiler. Smoke detectors can be tested by simply pressing the test button located on the device itself.

Inspect the Safe

Some safes are very easy to break into but this doesn’t apply to all safes. One way to avoid having your safety compromised is to make sure that the safe can use unique codes or don’t use the safe at all if you’re having doubts. Some experts avoid using hotel safes due to the fact that they can be broken into. If you’re planning to leave your passport in your hotel room safe, you’d be much better off carrying it on hand. If you can help it, bring your valuables with you if it’s not too much of a hassle. Leaving them vulnerable in a hotel room may not be a good idea.

Check for emergency exits

Check for emergency exits

When in doubt know your way out when there’s an emergency. There’s a reason why corporate buildings and schools have fire drills. Being able to exit calmly during an emergency can save lives and prevent accidents from happening. Reputable hotels should provide emergency exits and their directions in the hallways and the rooms. Emergency exits should be located on both sides of the hotel. This makes sure that the traffic is evenly distributed which again serves as a preventative measure for accidents. When there is an emergency don’t panic, the moment you panic, this is when you start to lose focus.

Key Takeaway

A Hotel locks system in the Philippines is reliable and nifty inventions that can help keep your hotel room secure. Most hotels are using this smart door lock to monitor who goes in and out of the hotel, only allowing those with authorization to have access. As a traveler, it’s important to keep you and your belongings secure at all times, even in hotel rooms. Extra vigilance when staying in your hotel can go a long way and it can also give you peace of mind once you get settled. Use these tips to stay secure in your hotel room. These simple steps can save you a lot of money and time in the future when you’re traveling, especially if you’re alone.