How To Secure Your Hotel Building

How To Secure Your Hotel Building

Published on : October 15, 2019

What are the ways to increase hotel security?

  1. Perform a security risk assessment
  2. Engage with guests and visitors
  3. Provide staff with uniforms
  4. Keep your guests well-informed
  5. Utilize high-tech integrated systems


Securing the hotel and its perimeter from theft and other related risks is one way to improve customer service. Hotels entertain thousands of guests and visitors going in and out at different times. The front desk can only accommodate so much. With the number of people visiting, a hotel becomes vulnerable to security breaches. To identify security risks before they occur, here are some of the ways to increase hotel security.

Perform a Security Risk Assessment

Perform a Security Risk Assessment

Before considering every possible improvement, have the current security measures assessed. Contact a local security company to perform a risk assessment. They will be able to identify the hotel’s vulnerabilities and provide professional advice and solutions. From systems to software and devices, the local security company can produce solutions suitable for the requirements of the hotel. Moreover, they can perform on-site service and repair as part of their technical support.

Engage With Guests and Visitors

A less technical way to increase hotel security is to train the staff to be more accommodating towards guests and visitors. In this manner, the staff will get to know the people that go in and out of the hotel as well as be able to identify any suspicious movements. With well-trained staff closely monitoring and engaging guests, any individual who plans to commit a crime will think twice.

Provide Staff With Uniforms

Provide Staff With Uniforms

While this is an obvious way to increase security, hotels must find a way to design staff uniforms so that it cannot be replicated. With so many criminal minds out there, some may possess the ability to camouflage themselves with your employees. Opt to provide staff with a different set of uniforms per day. While this measure can be costly, it can prevent any further and more critical damage. Theft and any other crime that may transpire in a hotel is more costly than having several outfits tailored and worn by the staff. Besides the uniform, IDs and name tags can also make guests feel safe.

Keep Your Guests Well-Informed

Establishing security measures without informing your guests and visitors might scare them. Developing a single page pamphlet to be distributed at the front desk remains the easiest way to spread the newly improved security systems. Make sure to include only the necessary information to avoid giving out particulars that intruders may use to override the new system. Aside from the pamphlet, the hotel staff should also be well-versed regarding the new hotel security systems.

Utilize High-Tech Integrated Systems

Utilize High-Tech Integrated Systems

Consider including high-technology and innovative integrated systems as part of the hotel security improvement. Several types of software and systems are tailored to fit the basic security needs of a hotel. Here are some of them.

  • Visitor Management System

This type of system identifies unwanted and suspicious visitors through advanced technology. It is designed to keep track of visitor traffic details and perform instant background checks. Some systems in the market include badger makers that can process and produce visitor badges in seconds. With such a system utilized at the front desk, the hotel will be able to control visitors’ access to areas and floors. A visitor management system is one way to keep a record of the visitors that enter and leave the hotel.

  • Smart Gate System

Smart gates are automated entrance and exit doors. Choosing a suitable smart gate depends on the space available in front of the hotel entrance as well as the guest traffic. The goal is to secure the hotel and at the same time provide convenience to guests. Smart gates are the most secure and safest speed gate because of their locking features.

  • Lift Access System

This type of system is integrated into the hotel’s security systems to allow convenient and collective management of the entire hotel. Lift access systems make use of key cards. These grant guests access to the floor where their room is located and public areas of the hotel to enjoy exclusive amenities. The key card restricts them from visiting other floors of the hotel. These also contain chips that allow management to track the areas they visit.

Key Takeaway

With all the breakthrough types of technology today, hotels will never run out of systems to integrate into their security systems. Investing in an innovative, integrated security system definitely costs less than a tarnished hotel reputation. Having rigid security in place translates to better and safer guest experiences.