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8 Best RFID Tags For Anti-Counterfeiting Hotel Assets

Published on : December 16, 2019

What are the best RFID tags for anti-counterfeiting?

  1. Tracking Small Metal Assets
    • EL-OMD-EXO200
    • EL-OMD-EXO210
    • EL-OMD-FIT220
  2. For Logistics Application
    • EL-OMD-EXOP Rigid
  3. Tool Tracking
    • EL-OMD-FIT210
  4. Non-metal and Metal Applications
    • EL-OMD-IQ350
    • EL-OMD-IQ400P
    • EL-OMD-IQ600


Installing the anti-counterfeiting system in the Philippines has been improving the asset management of different industries. From healthcare instruments, plastic pallets, and even to the smallest office assets. RFID tags will enable inventory management to be easier and more reliable. It can help hotels with plenty of small non-metallic and metallic assets such as IT accessories as well as room linens.

From tracking small metals like handheld tools and other assets, here are some of the best RFID tags in the market.

Tracking Small Metal Assets

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These tracking devices are used for small metal assets. A foam adhesive is used to firmly attach it to the surface of the metal. These trackers have an IP rating of 68. It prevents dust from penetrating and destroying its efficiency. It is also able to be immersed underwater, which can protect its frequency.

  • EL-OMD-EXO200

The EL-OMD-EXO200 is a tiny tracking device suitable for small metal assets such as hand tools and mobile industrial equipment. A fixed reader can detect this tracking device up to 2.5 meters or 8.2 feet away. On the other hand, a handheld reader can detect it from only 1.25 meters or 4.1 feet away.

It is encapsulated in durable thermoplastic material that can withstand a long term max temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. With an IP rating of 68, the EXO200 is dust-tight and can be continuously immersed in water.

  • EL-OMD-EXO210

Similar to the EXO200, the EL-OMD-EXO210 is suitable for metal assets. The main difference is that the EXO210 has better compatibility as it is optimized for metal substrates. In the context of corrosion, a substrate is a base material to which a coating is applied. Without a top layer, the EXO210 is still able to firmly attach itself to the metal.

It can withstand a long-term maximum temperature of 105 degrees Celsius with an IP rating of 68, making it dust-tight and suitable for water immersion. A handheld reader can detect the EXO210 tracking device from up to 1.8 meters or 6 feet away. For longer distance detection, obtaining a fixed reader allows you to detect the tracking device from up to 3 meters or 9.8 feet away.

  • EL-OMD-FIT220

The EL-OMD-FIT220 is an effective RFID tag used for tracking small hand tools, IT assets, and healthcare instruments. It can withstand a maximum temperature exposure of up to 225 degrees Celsius for up to 12 hours. Similar to the EXO210, this device latches to a metal substrate with no issues of detaching or adhesive melting. It works best with fixed readers for enhanced detection distance of up to 2.2 meters or 7.2 feet.

For Logistics Application

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For hotels with activities involving the logistics of goods, the EL-OMD-EXOP Rigid is the most suitable tracking device that can store plenty of information for future reviewing. It is optimized to suit the requirements of reading plastic pallets and containers.

  • EL-OMD-EXOP Rigid

For hotels with plenty of truck and trailer deliveries going in and out of the service port frequently, the EL-OMD-EXOP Rigid remains the best option. It is applicable to plastic RTIs and containers as well as plastic pallets of items and non-metallic industrial assets.

It is encased in an ABS, the most popular thermoplastic polymer used for injection molding applications. ABS is also a high-quality plastic material that is low cost. The attachment of the tracking device to plastic assets can be done in two ways. One is through its premium foam adhesive and the other is through riveting or screwing.

Tool Tracking

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For handheld tools and other small accessories that require versatile ways of attachment, the EL-OMD-FIT210 presents an ideal solution. The small narrow tag is capable of withstanding harsh environments with high temperatures.

  • EL-OMD-FIT210

The EL-OMD-FIT210 is the only tool-tracking RFID device ideal for integration within finishing processes or cycling applications such as dipping, coating, and molding. Despite its low profile, it can withstand even the harshest of environments with a 120 degree Celsius long-term maximum temperature.

There are four ways to attach the FIT210 to metal substrates: permanent liquid, film, standard foam, and premium foam adhesives. All of these enable the tracking device to firmly attach onto the surface of the metal withstanding high temperature. For better detection, obtain a fixed reader situated at the entrance of the hotel service port premises and the main service door. The tracking device can be detected at up to 2 meters or 6.6 feet.

Non-metal and Metal Applications

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Optimized for non-metallic and metallic applications, these three RFID tags are self-adhesive synthetic labels made of high-quality plastic. This ensures that the tracker can endure certain levels of temperature. They are commonly applied to furniture, wood, and metal assets.

  • EL-OMD-IQ350

For tracking IT, office supplies, and logistics involving metallic packaging, the EL-OMD-IQ350 is a thin, synthetic label optimized for metal applications. It is also ideal for non-metallic assets. A fixed reader can detect the tracking device within a distance of up to 3.5 meters. While a handheld reader can detect it from a slightly shorter distance of up to 2.0 meters. It can be subjected to a max temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. The label is a sticker-type with a self-adhesive feature suitable for curved surfaces.

  • EL-OMD-IQ400P

The EL-OMD-IQ400P is a thermal barcode compatible tracking label. They are ideal for plastic IT equipment such as monitors, accessories, and office furniture. It is manufactured to suit plastic and non-metallic substrates applications. The label can even be detected up to 5.0 meters or 16.5 feet away from the fixed reader. A handheld reader, on the other hand, can detect the label from up to 2.5 meters or 8.2 feet away. Similar to the IQ350, the thermal barcode can be exposed to a max temperature of 85 degrees Celsius.

  • EL-OMD-IQ600

The white synthetic label EL-OMD-IQ600 is optimized to be compatible with all types of materials. It is ideal for logistics involving any metal procedure, pipe manufacturing, as well as IT and office assets. Similar to other RFID tracking devices, the label has a max temperature exposure of 85 degrees Celsius. It can be tracked from a distance of 6 meters with a fixed reader and a shorter distance of 3 meters through a handheld reader.

Key Takeaway

The enhancement of the anti-counterfeiting system in the Philippines through RFID is not fresh news. The application of technology has been discovered to be effective and efficient. With this, consider integrating the tags into your asset management system.

Take note that RFID tags can certainly store a large number of identities and data needed for easy retrieval of information. They are not only used for asset management within the hotel rooms, laundry areas, and interiors, but also for logistics purposes.

Choose synthetic labels and micro tracking devices for an inconspicuous look. Prevent unnecessary expenses from burning your capital. Obtain a reliable RFID tracking device to enhance your hotel’s anti-counterfeiting system.

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