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Restaurant Security Tip: Reasons to Invest in A Security System

Published on : November 26, 2020

What are the reasons to invest in a security system in your restaurant?

  1. Protect and survey multiple areas
  2. Limit access to restricted areas
  3. Deter theft and other crime
  4. Handle complaints with ease
  5. Achieve a professional impression
  6. Manage your employees better


A restaurant is a business that faces many problems. For criminals, the amount of cash available on the premises may be a good opportunity to steal. Aside from that, food preparation is a very sensitive task that requires cleanliness and fresh ingredients. That’s why restricting kitchen and inventory access from outsiders may be beneficial. When it comes to customer service, complaints cannot be avoided and employees must also be managed well. These are just some of the reasons to invest in a security system in your restaurant. Read on to learn more!


Protect and Survey Multiple Areas

A good security system doesn’t just consist of just putting up CCTV cameras. Instead, additional features such as access systems can be put on doors and lifts, and even parking spaces can be monitored.

With a cloud-based security solution, either the owner or security personnel can monitor the restaurant from anywhere. This can be done easily on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. If you have multiple restaurants, this is an efficient way to survey it.


Limit Access to Restricted Areas

A restaurant may have special VIP areas for high-profile guests and customers. To secure this, a door access or lift access system can be used to discourage regular customers from accessing the area. Access cards can be given to the authorized guests only.

A security system can also help you limit access to areas such as the kitchen, inventory, and back office. Food and ingredients that are served to customers must only be handled by the chef and kitchen staff. Delivery personnel can only enter this place when escorted by a supervisor or head chef.


Deter Theft and Other Crime

CCTV camera system.

A restaurant is a high-risk location for theft and hold-ups. This is because of the available money that can easily be obtained from the cash register. With a poor security system, criminals with dangerous weapons can easily scare your staff into giving them the money and nobody will know.

A good security system can prevent crime from happening. With CCTV cameras all around the place, criminals will be deterred from committing these acts. If these crimes do happen, an intrusion alarm system can help notify the owner wherever he is and immediately call the police to respond.


Handle Complaints with Ease

With a food and beverage business, you can’t completely avoid complaints and lawsuit threats. If a customer says that he was food poisoned by one of your dishes, you can immediately check your system and confirm this. You can do it by either checking the camera footage or by running his plate number on your records. If you use a visitor management system, you can easily search his name to see when he visited your restaurant.


Achieve A Professional Impression

restaurant hall with lots of table

A security system can improve the impression of your customers and future investors. Seeing CCTV cameras, door access systems, lift access systems, and parking solutions can have a positive impact on the peace of mind of anyone who enters your restaurant. This can improve your profits and get loyalty from new customers.

Aside from these, you can also install a contactless temperature measurement solution to comply with government protocols. This is useful instead of having staff manually check the measurement of each customer. This makes it safer for both persons and also looks more technologically advanced which also gives a good impression.


Manage Your Employees Better

An integrated security system not just enhances the safety and security of the establishment, but also provides an opportunity to manage your people more efficiently. You can do this by using the attendance and time management feature to seamlessly track time ins and outs. Sick employees can also easily file a break from their mobile phones at home.

Aside from this, the owner can monitor restaurant operations from anywhere just by browsing a mobile phone. Through this, you can see and hear interactions between employees and customers. Door access systems can also limit access to the kitchen to the kitchen staff, which increases accountability when problems arise.


Key Takeaway

We hope that the list of reasons to invest in a security system in your restaurant can encourage you to get one. Not only will this protect multiple locations, but also limit access to restricted areas, deter crime, make it easier to handle complaints, give a professional impression to customers and investors, and help you manage your people.

If you’re interested in these features and more, you may check our solutions, systems, and devices. We are a trusted manufacturer of these security systems and have been in the industry since 1989. If you have any questions and inquiries, you may message us on this website, email us at info@elid.com.ph, or call our landline +(632) 8724-0191 and mobile numbers at 09178446331 or 09989993543.

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