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4 Reasons to Prioritize Time Management in Your Business

Published on : December 11, 2020

What are the reasons to prioritize time management in your business?

  1. To help manage workload
  2. To enhance work performance
  3. To reduce stress and anxiety
  4. To improve work-life balance


Owning and running a business, no matter how small it is, can be difficult. There are times that the workload will be easy, but at other times it will be busy. You have to understand that time is a resource that you can never get back once it is lost. That’s why you have to make the most of what you have. To help you understand more, we listed down the reasons to prioritize time management in your business. Read on!


To Help Manage Workload

As a business owner, it is important to track the schedule of duty of your employees because this will help you manage everyone’s time. For example, if employee A works from 9 AM to 5 PM, you cannot expect him to finish a task that will start after his shift. Instead, you can delegate it to another person who will come in at 5 PM. If you know when everyone comes for work, it can help easily manage workload.

Another thing you have to take note of are planned and unplanned leaves. You can limit the number of people who will have their vacation at the same time to maintain a functional operation in your business. You also have an idea in advance of how to move tasks around when you know when someone’s going to take a leave. To deal with unplanned leaves, you can limit the amount an employee can take in a year.


To Improve Work Performance

Time management can help improve the work performance of everyone in the team. If you have a schedule of tasks for each day, it can reduce the time for idling, chatting, and thinking of what to do. Instead, workers know what they need to do for the day.

If you can set deadlines early in the week, workers will have enough time to finish their tasks. If possible, avoid last-minute instructions on big tasks that cannot be done in a single day. This can just lead to mistakes and stress.

Setting a time for a break can also be beneficial to the performance of the whole team. Continuous work without rest can lead to burnout, and loss of motivation. If your people are well-rested, they can think and function better.


To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Not accomplishing enough work at a given time can lead to anxiety. It can make a person nervous when approaching a deadline or when reporting to supervisors. On the other hand, a mountain load of work can just put a heavy burden on your employees and lead to stress.

To reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace, time management is key. Workload should be evenly spaced out for each day so that workers can have enough leeway to complete each task. Delegate tasks to other people so the burden will be not carried by a single employee.

Stress and anxiety can only lead to sickness and discourage your team to stay with the company for a long time.


To Improve Work-Life Balance

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On Jobstreet’s survey of job happiness last 2017, Filipinos rated a score of 4.56 out of 10 on the subject of work schedule. A study says that when employees are happy, work performance is more likely to improve. Proper time management may help improve the satisfaction of employees and lead to more motivation and productivity at work.

If you encourage your employees to take breaks and vacations from work, you can expect more satisfied and happy people. This will lead to fewer burnouts and sick days that can interrupt your business processes. This can ensure that your workers can stay on top of not just their physical health, but also mental health.


Key Takeaway

Time is something that goes on no matter what happens. It is a resource that businesses should learn to appreciate. Unlike money that can come and go, time that is lost is lost forever. This is why learning the reasons to prioritize time management in your business is important.

To summarize, it can help manage the workload of employees, improve their work performance, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve the work-life balance. This will lead to having more high-quality work done on time with happier workers that are more likely to stay in the long run.

To help you with this, we offer a Time Management System that can help you keep track of your people. This will help you automate time ins, outs, and breaks, automatically generate time attendance reports, make filing and approving leaves easier, and can be accessed through a browser on your mobile phone and computer.

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