7 Reasons To Get A Guard Tour System

7 Reasons To Get A Guard Tour System

Published on : April 21, 2022

What are reasons to get a guard tour system?

  1. Improves security operations
  2. Reduces the need for on-site supervision
  3. Savings with real-time automated reportin
  4. Keeps a detailed history log
  5. Presents relevant data for analysis
  6. Enhance guards’ protection

Keeping track of your security patrols using guard tour systems is becoming an increasingly used practice in many industries. However, some businesses hesitate to install such security systems on their premises. Some common reasons for this are their doubt regarding its utility and cost-effectiveness — but what they don’t know is that their offered benefits far outweigh the initial costs.

Let’s look at three reasons to get a guard tour system.

Improves Security Operations

Traditional security operations have a lot of issues. There’s only so much manpower each team has, and it’s common for a few sites to have minor security issues. But when these seemingly minor issues are left unaddressed, they could snowball and eventually lead to security problems.

Guard tour systems provide the tools and software necessary to gather data about performance. This then helps you answer questions such as:

  • Which sites have the most issues?
  • What are the most common security issues we experience?
  • Which days do we experience such issues frequently?
  • Which security patrols are performing well, and which aren’t?
  • How many more security patrols do we need to implement?
  • Are we complying with standard security procedures?

Having answers to these questions will help you and your security team focus on problem areas, resolve ongoing issues, and eventually reduce security risks in the building. Having a guard tour system can also provide a way to continuously monitor, review, and improve your security team’s performance.

Reduces The Need For On-Site Supervision

Supervision is a must for any security operation. It ensures that each member of the team is following correct procedures, and meets the required standards outlined in your handbook. But, supervision is a hard task, and if you don’t have enough of it, you increase the risk of not meeting your security needs.

Luckily, investing in more robust supervision doesn’t mean you have to hire and train new supervisors. Guard touring systems can do a lot of supervision tasks, which reduces the amount of manual supervision required to manage your security teams.

For example, it automates monitoring, workflows, and alerts. So, it’ll alert you if patrols are missed, a guard is late, or if an incident occurs. This allows you to manage sites remotely, which reduces the need for hands-on supervision.

Savings With Real-Time Automated Reporting

Security details need to present frequent reports to demonstrate they are doing their job as expected. To create such reports by traditional security methods, supervisors and managers need to pull each report from multiple data sources and manually compile them. This can take up hours of work each week to present just a few reports. This is time and effort that can be better invested if you install a guard tour security system.

A guard tour system — like ELID’s Patrol Master 3 — eliminates the need to manually generate reports, and makes things simple. Guards simply have to log in their activity through a simple tap of their ID badges, and scanners receive information automatically. Using our software, they can quickly and accurately describe all of their activities in real-time. Our system then compiles this information into a client-friendly report that can be generated periodically.

Keeps A Detailed History Log

Keeps A Detailed History Log

Our guard tour system’s data logging capabilities aren’t just useful for reports. It’s also used to record proper historical data for all of your security patrols and details it down to specific time intervals. This history log can be accessed by any authorized user through our secure databases.

But what is the use of such a history log? This provides an irrefutable record of your security team’s actions during their patrols. This is key to reducing ambiguity or doubt regarding your security team’s reliability. It can also be used to clear up any misconceptions regarding incidents that happened during patrols.

Presents Relevant Data For Analysis

ELID’s guard tour systems also offer a way to effectively gather, analyze, and edit relevant data — it can even do so for a large number of buildings and territories that your security teams patrol. It acquires data such as scanned or missed checkpoints, time intervals between patrols, and how many incidents occur at each site.

This data is needed for your business to understand the core problems your security operations face and find the appropriate solutions to reduce their likelihood in the future. With our software, you can address specific problems, reinforce safety procedures, and adjust patrolling policies as needed.

Enhance Guards’ Protection

Enhance Guards’ Protection

An often overlooked benefit of installing a guard tour system is how it affects your security personnel. Aside from identifying problem personnel — which hamper your team’s ability to stay productive and efficient — it also identifies those who are trustworthy and capable.

That being said, the purpose of our guard tour system isn’t to act as a “Big Brother” on the job, instead, it provides much-needed support to your security patrols. With our system, your guards are more protected than ever before. Each guard can send alerts when needed, which drives others to the site to provide support to face a security threat together. Your teams will no longer be alone when facing problems and will have the assistance they need to tackle a potentially dangerous situation.

Key Takeaway

With all the reasons to get a guard tour system, the bottom line is clear — the potential benefits of this security technology far outweigh the costs. Investing in ELID’s guard tour system delivers all the advantages you need to improve security and better team performance.

Want to learn more? Contact ELID today. Our team will get in touch to discuss how our guard tour systems work, and how our features help deliver the mentioned benefits.

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