6 Reasons For Your Office To Go Paperless

6 Reasons For Your Office To Go Paperless

Published on : August 25, 2022

What are some reasons for your office to go paperless?

  1. Saves time
  2. Reduces costs
  3. Increases productivity and efficiency
  4. Enhances security
  5. Environmentally-friendly
  6. Saves space

Many used to use paper for important documents at work. Files need to be printed out, signed, and stored in filing cabinets or storage bins. Through time, these have taken up much space, and sorting through them is a nightmare for many. But technology has given way to digital hardware and software we can rely on for daily tasks instead of using paper. However, many companies still have not made the switch. So, we’ve listed some reasons for offices to go paperless. After reading, you might just slowly make the switch and remove papers from your workflows.

Saves time

Saves time

There is no doubt that you’ll save hours of time when you go paperless. There will be no need to sort, print, recycle, file, and mail papers when using digital systems.

It’s quicker and more efficient to scan, file, and store documents in a cloud used by the office. With a proper digital filing system, it will on take seconds to find important documents you need.

Imagine all the time wasted when looking through folders and file cabinets for a single-page document from a year ago. Thanks to technology you can easily file and retrieve medical records, bills, contracts, and receipts in seconds.

Reduces costs

There are many expenses you can cut with a paperless system. A lot of money is spent on the upkeep of printers, inks, toner, and physical storage.

Going paperless allows you to save on costs of general office supplies. You’ll be surprised by how many documents you don’t need to print. Instead, keep them safe only on your digital drive and print them when it’s absolutely necessary.

Increases productivity and efficiency

Increases productivity and efficiency

Employees only work for about 8 hours a day. Within those hours, a company wants them to be able to accomplish their tasks efficiently and swiftly.

When you take out the paper, it will minimize the clerical work of many employees. That means they’ll be able to focus on more critical tasks that they can do on their laptops and computers.

Take your Human Resources department, for example. ELID’s HR Management Solutions can help cut down the use of physical documents. These systems and processes make documents easier to manage. They take away the tedious manual process of time & attendance, payroll processing, and HR management.

With systems like that, you can cut down on clerical tasks that can be easily done on a computer.

Enhances security

Paper can be the cause of major security breaches in the company. Many things can happen to important documents once printed. It can be mislabeled, misplaced, or even stolen.

Going paperless can keep all the important documents of the company safe with a higher level of security. There are many safeguards, encryption, and security features that can be placed if these papers are turned digital.

With a digitized and paperless system, access to important files can be given to specific employees. This can minimize the risk of files getting stolen and shared. You can also back-up files using cloud-based technology. This means that when something happens to a computer or laptop, you’ll still be able to access your files through a cloud. This prevents the loss of files during fires, floods, and natural disasters.


Talks and campaigns about being more sustainable in the office have risen. Going paperless aids in this movement. It’s as simple as this: the less paper used, the fewer trees are cut down, and the fewer chemicals are used to make paper. On top of that, you also produce less pollution that can crowd landfills.

Going beyond paper, there are other waste products that are reduced when cutting down on paper. These are your printers, ink, and cartridges. These contain harmful contents that can pollute water and soil if not disposed of correctly. This can be avoided when the use of devices is also cut down.

Saves space

Saves space

There are many things in the offices that can be eliminated when going the paperless route. Think about those filing cabinets, storage boxes, and drawers filled with documents. The spaces occupied by those items can easily be put to better use if the documents are stored on a digital cloud.

Your files can also be stored in a more organized manner when going digital. There will be no more cluttered piles of paper. Instead, it will be put in proper folders on a drive for safer storage.

Key Takeaway

There are many reasons for offices to go paperless. It addresses many issues like security, productivity, and sustainability.

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