Quick Guide To Choosing A Lift Access System

Quick Guide To Choosing A Lift Access System

Published on : August 20, 2021

How can I choose a lift access system for my building?

  1. Know What The System Is
  2. Know How It Works
  3. Understand Your Current Vulnerabilities
  4. Understand How Your Building Is Used
  5. Find What Security Measures You Need

Security systems have become more diverse thanks to modern technology. Nowadays, these systems are used to protect both physical and intellectual assets, which are in constant danger. One such system made to safeguard your buildings is a lift access system.

Whether in a corporate or residential building, having an access control system is integral to creating a safe environment for all inside. There are a few points to consider when looking for a solution in this area, so here is a quick guide to choosing a lift access system that best suits your building.

Know What The System Is

A lift access system has most of the aspects of other access control systems, such as restricted areas, authorized users, and identification processes. These are set up in a way so that users should provide proper credentials to unlock certain areas within the building.

With lifts, instead of simply unlocking a door, it carries you to specific floors. When using a lift access system, you are capable of setting these floors as “off-limits” to visitors, or any employees and residents without the credentials set in your system database. Your lifts will also wait for passengers to present a form of identification before transporting them.

Know How It Works

Know How It Works

So how is this any different from other access control devices? The answer lies in how the system is integrated into your security, and how it works with lift technology.

A lift access control system is installed within the main control panel of your elevator systems. They require some hardwiring so that the control devices can directly communicate with the lifts.

Once installed, it can be controlled much like securing entry points in your access control system. Using customizable parameters, you can control which passengers can access certain lifts and elevators, and even change these for different periods of the day.

Authorized users have to verify their identities using electronic keycards, biometrics, PINs, and other measures. These can be used individually, or in combination with each other for added security.

Understand Your Current Vulnerabilities

It is important to understand what problems can arise from an unprotected lift to know what kind of lift access system to choose. Depending on your building and its function, you will be exposed to different kinds of vulnerabilities.

For corporate buildings, one of the biggest security concerns is protecting valuable assets from different kinds of theft. Whether the act is committed by an outsider or even your people, it can be hard to prevent people from reaching your offices without the proper security measures.

For residential buildings, the issue lies with some residents unknowingly sharing their elevator rides with outsiders. This gives the outsider free access to floors they shouldn’t be in. This can be troublesome if they are looking to steal from someone’s unit, or looking to harass a resident.

Understand How Your Building Is Used

Aside from knowing your building’s security issues, understanding how people move around your building is key to choosing the appropriate lift access system. This means you have to observe and scrutinize the traffic that flows through your elevators and lobbies daily.

Ask yourself how many people use the lifts, and where they go. Also take note of the peak-use times and busy locations:

  • Cafeterias
  • Lounge areas
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • And other exclusive spaces

Aside from that, check if plenty of guests come in and out of your building, including delivery persons and maintenance personnel. These questions will give you an idea of which elevators and floors should be restricted.

Find What Security Measures You Need

With these things in mind, think of what security measures you need, then begin looking for effective lift access solutions.

If you find that you need a powerful and scalable lift access system that is highly customizable, then ELID’s EL2305L lift access system may just be the right one for your building.

EL2305L’s design is geared to enhance the security of any commercial or residential building. It offers four models capable of servicing a number of floors, as follows:

  • EL-2305-L16 – Designed for lifts serving up to 16 floors
  • EL-2305-L32 – Designed for lifts serving up to 32 floors
  • EL-2305-L48 – Designed for lifts serving up to 48 floors
  • EL-2305-L64 – Designed for lifts serving up to 64 floors

All models come with the basic configuration of a reader unit, controller unit, and floor selection unit. It is an efficient system for reading ID and credentials, with its relay outputs directly connected to the floor selection buttons on the lift. This allows for quick access of authorized users to their designated floors.

This system also comes with a wide selection of readers, such as proximity readers, smart card readers, magnetic readers, and more. This allows you to choose which works best for you and your building. For enhanced security, users may also be required to input a four-digit PIN after presenting their card to the reader.

With the EL2305L lift access system, you can also apply multiple details to access protocols. It provides ten access time zones, which are programmable with two valid periods every day, plus an extra day allocated for holidays. This provides high versatility and customizability for your security measures.

This system can accommodate a large workforce or residential population. Up to nine thousand users can be programmed into the controller as authorized users. Each user can be assigned one or more time zones and a floor zone.

There are also additional features that provide transaction logging, the option between a stand-alone or network operation, and capabilities for flexible networking. These aspects of the EL2305L lift access system make it a suitable choice for many corporate and residential buildings seeking to protect their assets.

Key Takeaway

Not all buildings are alike, so the solution to your problem needs to fit the needs and function of your building. Using this quick guide to choosing a lift access system will help you select the appropriate solution to your security issues.

For more detailed information on the EL2305L lift access system and how it may suit your building, contact ELID today! We make sure our security solutions are the perfect fit for any business.