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4 Qualities of a Good Security System

Published on : May 18, 2020

What are the qualities of a good security system?

  1. High level of customization
  2. Dedicated monitoring
  3. Good integration
  4. Excellent IP rating


Advancements in the field of security technology have led to the development of products and services aimed at increasing the level of safety in a particular area. Virtually every establishment relies on some form of security to keep their assets safe from any kind of breaches. Not all security systems, however, are built the same way. There are many qualities of a good security system that you should take into consideration if you’re thinking about investing in one.

You may want to steer clear of security systems that have been known to fail at crucial moments of security monitoring. As much as possible, establishments want to avoid cases of theft on their premises. Continue reading to find out more about what to expect from a good security system.


High Level of Customization

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As mentioned before, not every component or subsystem in a security system is built the same compared to the rest of the field. Each establishment relying on high-technology security has different needs. This difference is entirely dependent on the kind of assets they’re protecting, the data and information they’re storing in their other systems, as well as the density of human activity. As such, when choosing a good security system you want to make sure that it can accord you with a high level of customization.

For example, CCTV cameras are some of the most widely-used components in a security system. However, their capabilities might be limited only to certain areas of your building. They cannot prevent the entry or exit of unauthorized individuals in a place. With a comprehensive security system, you’ll be able to benefit from electronic barriers and gates that can block unqualified individuals without the proper credentials from entering the premises of your building. This kind of system also allows you to endlessly install different subcomponents like door access systems, intrusion alarms, anti-tailgate systems, and the like – depending on your requirements.


Dedicated Monitoring

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What good is a security system if it won’t be able to provide your establishment with dedicated monitoring capabilities? This is one feature you’d do well to ensure your security system has.

As much as possible, you’d want your security system to be able to give you a reliable monitoring mechanism that won’t suddenly experience any defects. Through dedicated monitoring, you’d also spend less time determining whether the alarm triggered was due to a cat or burglar.

The system should be smart enough to offer a high-quality security monitoring service that can detect instances where there is a clear and present danger. On the other hand, it should also be able to distinguish whether the cause of the trigger was something insignificant or something worth taking a look into.


Good Integration

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Modern security systems have built-in features that make it possible for them to be integrated with other systems. While much older security systems may rely only on the system itself, newer security components can be configured and reprogrammed to be connected to other modern-day devices.

For example, today’s CCTV cameras can be connected to mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and other kinds of smart devices. The high level of integration allows these CCTV cameras to not only be viewed, but also controlled from different remote locations. Mobile applications, as well as a stable WiFi connection, make all of these functions and features possible.

Through the simple click of a button, security features for smart lighting systems can also be toggled on and off, just to give another example. With good integration, maintaining security has never been more convenient.


Excellent IP Rating

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A good security system must also have an excellent IP rating that indicates that it can withstand exposure to different kinds of elements. Simply put, the IP rating refers to an electronic device’s level of protection against the penetration of solid materials, dust, unintended contact, and other kinds of fluids.

When the components of a security system have been given a high IP rating, this means that they’re not easily subject to defects and potentially major damage caused by exposure to the elements. For example, fingerprint security systems would not easily fail even in the event that it has been doused with water. This rating also ensures that other electronic devices won’t just simply short circuit, or will be resistant to fluctuations due to power surges.


Key Takeaway

Before investing in many kinds of security systems for your building, you may want to consider informing yourself of the different qualities of a good security system to serve as your standard. You’d need something which is reliable, high-powered, well-protected, and can be integrated with other systems for a higher level of accessibility.

The guide above has hopefully provided you with just some of the features to look out for before investing in a security system.