Parts Of An Integrated Security System

Parts Of An Integrated Security System

Published on : March 2, 2021

What are the parts of an integrated security system?

  1. CCTV Integration
  2. Intrusion Alarm Monitoring
  3. Visitor Management System
  4. Access Control Systems
  5. Time Attendance Software
  6. Asset Tracking Solutions
  7. Smartphone Or Web Application

To maximize the safety of your establishment, one security system is not enough. Experienced criminals will see through the loopholes that they can exploit to steal your assets or damage your property. But having multiple software and devices can be confusing, especially if you need to retrieve urgent information. To consolidate everything, all-in-one solutions are available for your use. Keep on reading to learn more about the parts of an integrated security system.

CCTV Integration

CCTV Integration

A CCTV is a vital device for enhancing security because it increases your visibility in your establishment. Aside from recording criminal incidents, the presence of this monitoring gadget helps deter crime. But many business owners make the mistake of relying on CCTV cameras as their security solution alone.

Without a person constantly monitoring the real-time events, you might not catch criminals in action. By the time you realize that something has happened, the suspect may have already gotten away. That’s why it is useful to integrate CCTV cameras with other features to help you respond faster.

Intrusion Alarm Monitoring

When combined with intrusion alarm monitoring, your CCTV cameras will help you detect real-time criminal activity. Owing to this feature, you will receive alerts from the software when events such as unauthorized intrusions and device tampering have taken place.

To help you track the troublemakers, the map will point you to the location where the event happened. By then, you can access the recorded footage and make informed decisions quickly instead of replaying every single clip. And the best thing about this is you don’t have to be present at the site because it supports SMS and email notification.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Aside from sneaking around, trespassers can also achieve their goal by going through the front doors—especially if you don’t have a visitor management system. This tool gives you the ability to screen every guest and record their activities within the building. For example, the system will let you know every time they try to access a restricted door.

Besides that, a visitor management system can also serve as a deterrent. Most criminals will think twice before letting you capture their identity in your system. It makes your staff and guests feel safe, while also creating an impression of professionalism to future clients.

Access Control Systems

From doors, hotel locks, elevators, smart gates, and parking entrances—an integrated system can help you keep track of all entryways in your building. Instead of having multiple software, you can obtain information all in one place.

By going digital, you will gain increased visibility on where each person inside the building is. This way, you can restrict and allow access for both employees and guests.

If outsiders try to force a door, an alert will be sent to you immediately. In times of emergencies, this is also handy because you know the number of people you need to evacuate.

Time Attendance Software

Time Attendance Software

Aside from monitoring criminal activity, an integrated system can also streamline your employee management tasks. With the addition of a Human Resource Management System, you can effectively track your workers’ productivity and prevent other people from punching in for their coworkers.

This software lets you generate time attendance reports automatically, which simplifies your Human Resource Department’s payroll tasks. Instead of managing enormous files to sort out numerous employees, your HR staff will have more time for other things—such as improving your company’s hiring processes.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Now that you can track outsiders, employees, and visitors, all that’s left is protecting your assets. With the use of RFID tags, you can keep a record of each linen, manufactured good, or office equipment. This way, you can reduce costs that come with every lost or stolen item in your building.

For example, one of a hotel’s expenses stems from newly-bought bedsheets, pillowcases, and towels every year. They either go missing during laundry or get replaced before their end of life. With an asset tracking solution, however, you can track how many times linen is washed, helping you make purchase decisions.

Smartphone Or Web Application

Smartphone Or Web Application

Leaving your home or establishment doesn’t have to make you worry with an integrated security system. In case you need to travel for a few days, you can still monitor your establishment through smartphone or web applications. In the event something happens, you can respond immediately. With just a few clicks, you can retrieve data or remove access from lost cards.

If you’re busy, you can grant admin access to any of your trusted associates, and put restrictions on others. This way, you can increase your team’s efficiency without having to leak sensitive information to all workers.

Key Takeaway

The different parts of an integrated security system can be used together to monitor your building efficiently. With all these features in one place, all your safety concerns are addressed. From deterring criminals, screening guests, managing employees, and protecting your assets, you have everything you need to keep your place safe and sound.

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