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5 Things To Look For in Parking Equipment and Systems

Published on : February 20, 2020

What are the things to look for in parking equipment and systems?

  1. Parts and Features
  2. Return on Investment
  3. Ease of Operation
  4. Customer Usability
  5. The Right Trend


Thinking of upgrading your building’s parking equipment and systems? Take a look at the essential factors to consider before buying one, from its parts and features to the right trend that you must apply. Read on to learn more about the products and how you can find the best one to acquire.

Parts and Features

A barrier connected to a parking management system

Before you begin scouting for products online, you must search for reliable manufacturers and compare them with one another. The manufacturer must provide highly-advanced, efficient parts with compatible and versatile features. Here are some of the common parts of an advanced parking guide system.

  • Ultrasonic sensor

The ultrasonic sensor for parking spaces is a stand-alone and battery-operated status detection device. It detects the presence of cars by measuring ultrasound pulses. Once the car parks in a free space, the sensor measures the distance below the reference point. This will then process if the parking space is free or occupied before sending the status of the parking space to the LED display.

  • Parking space LED status indicating light

The three-color LED enables customers to see whether a space is free or occupied from a distance. The LED receives the status from the sensor through wireless communication. The device either displays green for free parking space, red for occupied, or blue for handicapped reserved.

  • IP display

The IP display enables customers to know how much parking space has already been occupied. The maximum free parking space count is 9999 to accommodate the expansion of the parking lot of an establishment.

  • Software

For the purpose of parking space personnel tracking and management, the software must be included in the parts of reliable parking space management systems. The software must enable personnel to remotely monitor and supervise the entire parking space and obtain status information from each one. Finally, the software must be able to generate standard or visitor customized reports. In addition to that, it should have the feature of integration to another software to enhance the solution system.

  • Barriers

A new advancement in today’s technology is the self-programming barrier. Take note that the barrier included in the advanced parking management systems must be compatible with other systems. Specifically, those that allow monitoring and programming parameters from a remote position.

  • UHF RFID integrated reader

The increasing popularity of the RFID reader and RFID antenna paved the way for the emergence of the Integrated RFID reader. This new innovation combined the functions of the two devices. To put it simply, it is a radio frequency transmitter and receiver that can both read and write information to an RFID tag. For the barriers to work, an effective RFID integrated reader must be included in the systems.

Return on Investment

Now you have identified the specifications, parts, and features you want your establishment’s parking equipment and systems to possess. The next step is to assess whether the cash inflow will cover the investment and increase earnings. To compute your return investment, you must consider the following factors:

  • Average cost per vehicle to park
  • Occupancy percentage and daily turnover
  • Projected parking revenue
  • Labor cost savings
  • Enhanced revenue collection

Ease of Operation

Cars parked in a parking lot

When looking at the ease of operation in terms of equipment, you must consider essential factors that can help you arrive at a conclusion. In addition to that, it will allow you to see whether your prospective parking equipment and systems presents an ideal solution for your business or not. Automation and remote management, reporting, integration, as well as installation, are all covered under the essential factor of operational simplicity.

Customer Usability

Are integrated parking equipment and the system easy to use for parking customers? To help you answer the question, you must be able to tell the demographic representation of your customers. Do you usually have seniors parking in your establishment or young professionals visiting? The demographic represents the proportion of users that will help you determine if the parking process is user-friendly or not. Effective parking equipment and systems should provide a clear layout and design.

Upon entry to the barrier, customers must be able to see a clear view of the IP display to know whether the establishment still has plenty of space for occupancy. Once the car travels towards the parking spaces, the LED status device should be visible enough to be spotted and identified from a distance. Once you check all the requirements, then you know you have found suitable parking equipment and systems.

The Right Trend

The cloud, an online data storage location

With the advancement of technology, integrated parking systems are beginning to be an establishment’s commodity. Web-Based parking, which delivers cloud-based data, allows management and property owners to gain control of their establishments and facilities at the tip of their fingers. Get in the right trend for parking equipment and systems to be ahead of the game. Transform your business operations by allowing data to influence the way you make decisions. Cloud-based data can be accessed through any mobile device with the necessary application installed in it.

Key Takeaway

For more particular information about parking equipment and systems, consider sending the manufacturer and supplier a message. Avoid the risk of purchasing the wrong equipment and system caused by failure to perform due diligence. Confirm the specifications and installation process to learn whether it is a suitable space management system with the right parts and features for your business.

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