3 Methods To Manage Employees With Elid HR Management System

3 Methods To Manage Employees With ELID’s CheK HR Management System

Published on : July 26, 2021

What are the methods to manage employees?

  1. Maintain employment and performance records
  2. Use time and attendance applications
  3. Automate your payroll process

Overseeing the many tasks that come with managing employees can be a huge undertaking for many in Human Resources. Fulfilling the daily responsibilities of updating records, following up on personnel requests, and reflecting the correct information before payday arrives can be hard to fit into an already hectic schedule.

Effective HR management needs the right tools and methods to manage employees. Using HR software, such as ELID’s Chek HRMS, can help your HR department to do their jobs effectively, no matter how big or small your business may be. Read on to find some solutions and tips you should consider integrating into your processes

Maintain Employment and Performance Records

Maintain Employment and Performance Records

Filing and maintaining accurate employee records are keys to the HR process. Having the right workplace records can make everything from recruitment, training, and dismissal easier and less stressful for those in HR.

With proper records, monitoring your employees’ performance and productivity levels is made easier. Having this information recorded and updated daily creates a frame of reference for management to identify which employees require interventions, promotions, or further development. Without this information, it can impede the development of both the business and employee.

Needless to say, as important as these records are, the files can become quite hefty and hard to parse through. However, the days when HR had to keep large, printed-out files and records of the employees are long over. With HR software, businesses can upload all records in one place, and access all their employee data with a click of a button.

IDenChek by ELID is one of these. It is a web-based Human Resource Management application that is capable of creating and maintaining your employment records. It is also a system that is capable of real-time records of employee performances and allows for easier review of said records. Using this system for HR operations also allows for easy updating of employee profiles.

Use Time and Attendance Applications

Manually monitoring and managing attendance can be a time-consuming and laborious task. Consequently, it also ends up being a very expensive one. It takes more time than you think to process your employee’s attendance. This procedure involves receiving and processing time cards, creating schedules, analyzing requests for leave and overtime. It takes several steps just to get from receiving a request to authorizing it.

However, with the right HR software solution, it is possible to free up precious time by setting up an automated system that does it all for you. Most software can easily keep track of employee hours, create schedules, and manage PTOs (Paid Time Offs) and sick leaves for you in a snap.

One such software solution is TimeCheK by ELID, which is a web-based time and attendance application system. This flexible application can control and collect information across multiple sites, and use that data to effectively manage employee attendance. The relevant data (such as time in and time out) can be converted into a quick snapshot of hours worked, absences, overtime, and tardiness.

Having these instant reports is essential in saving time and reducing costs. The software can also store unlimited patterns for work shifts, breaks, and attendance policies. TimeCheK’s versatility, real-time updates, and improved data accuracy can help in optimizing your business’ resources.

Automate Your Payroll Process

The process of calculating payroll takes in a lot of data and requires significant number crunching. This includes calculating hours, adjusting for any PTO, sick leaves, or holidays, running any payroll corrections, and more. Automating your payroll process is the best way to simplify paying your employees, and helps in keeping the payments accurate and on time.

While an automated payroll system can’t do everything for your company, it can help out quite a bit. Software solutions like PayChek from ELID are one way to integrate this system into your business.

PayChek is a web-based payroll system that helps you manage and process your payroll in a single click. It can automate tasks, such as year-end reporting, calculate payments for mandatory contributions (such as SSS, Pag-IBIG, PhilHealth), and generate payroll reports for the use of HR and management.

This software is also fully integrated with other ELID HR management systems, TimeCheK and IDenCheK. This helps keep all information available for authorized users, and accurate to real-time events. The integrated software also ensures data security than with traditional systems, as well as, reduces human error and chances of payroll fraud. Overall, the software allows your HR systems to become fast, flexible, and user-friendly.

Key Takeaway

ELID’s CheK HRMS has the software solutions your business may need. Their integrated software for HR gives you flexible and effective methods to manage employees. IDenCheK, TimeCheK, and PayCheK are web-based applications that will automate tedious processes for your HR department, and create more efficient workflows for your business. Message ELID today to learn more about these HR solutions!