A Look into the Leading Provider of Access Control Systems in the Philippines

A Look into the Leading Provider of Access Control Systems in the Philippines

Published on : August 16, 2018

As the leading provider of access control systems in the Philippines, ELID has continually risen to the task of creating and improving security systems for the safety of all of its clients. As mentioned in an interview with their CEO, their part is “to continually equip and provide our clients with the latest – with what’s new.”

In his eyes, the advantage that a piece of technology gives is always temporary. With that in mind, ELID makes it a priority to always review and improve upon their systems, at the same time create better, more secure systems for their clients.

To learn more about the most trusted manufacturer of access control systems, as well as integrated security systems, please continue reading the article.



A Brief Overview of ELID

A Brief Overview of ELID

ELID is a company that specializes in integrated security management systems, particularly those that enforce access control. In fact, the company started with access control systems during their beginnings.

In the past, security systems that rely on software were not popular. There was, and still is, a great reliance on human labor when it comes to security. But this didn’t stop ELID from constantly innovating and creating better security systems that eventually became a requirement for almost all corporate establishments.

Since 1998, ELID has done nothing but lead the way for the security systems industry. Along with their signature access control systems, they have branched out to more specific systems such as asset-tracking, biometrics, time-attendance systems, and a lot more.



Why Invest in ELID?

For over 20 years, ELID has built itself up to embody their corporate philosophies by building something that has resonated with their clients. The company has summarized everything that they provide into three keywords: security, safety, and productivity.

For the CEO of ELID, the downside of relying on human security forces is that they can be inconsistent. Human nature makes it so that there are many factors to consider when hiring security guards. Ultimately, they have the choice of going to work or lazing around. Humans are also susceptible to illnesses.

But perhaps the best, and also the worst thing about human security guards are their social interactions with people. And as humans, sometimes a little social interaction is enough to bypass certain security measures.

These are the things that are improved on by ELID’s products. Their security systems take care of all the repetitive tasks, while the person operating it will primarily act as the brains of the system.

The great thing about ELID’s products and services is that even with its specifics, it can still be used practically anywhere. As mentioned by their CEO, their products can be used in places such as offices, hotels, hospitals, malls, parking spaces, school campuses, the military, government establishments, and even whole villages, towns and cities!

It was also said that in doing so, they will need a larger, more coherent system instead of standalone ones, which is what Integrated Security Management Systems (ISMS) are for. In these ISMS, everything works as one, making it easier for those operating the system to keep track of those interacting with it, and at the same time making it easier for those who are trying to access the locations as well.



ELID’s Products

ELID’s Products

Throughout the years, ELID has created an arsenal of highly useful security systems, some of which were showcased in a hotel supplier show in Cebu. Here are some of the products that were featured:

  1. Asset-Tracking System – this is basically an advanced form of inventory management and it is primarily used for its loss prevention capabilities. With it, no longer will those checking their inventory (e.g. the things within a hospital or hotel rooms) need to manually check their inventory and write their findings on a piece of paper. This system makes use of ID tags for each room and each item that is supposed to be in it. The information is then automatically transferred to a mainframe where it is checked and matched for anything missing.


  1. Automated Parking Systems – also known as the SPiD, this integrated system consists of multiple smaller systems that aim to make your parking space as secure and as organized as possible. It has guest parking, employee parking, and pay parking features.


  1. 100% Energy Savings System – one of their newer products in partnership with Enkoa, this system makes sure that you will not waste energy within a certain area. The most common example of this is the energy cards that are used in some hotels in the Philippines. ELID’s system, however, comes with advanced sensor technology that increases the conditions wherein the system will automatically shut down power when it is not supposed to be used.


Key Takeaway

ELID has become one of the most trusted manufacturers for both integrated security systems and access control systems in the Philippines. Not only do they provide the latest products when it comes to security systems, they do so while keeping their customers in mind.

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