8 Benefits Of Linen Laundry Tracking System In The Philippines

8 Benefits Of Linen Laundry Tracking System In The Philippines

Published on : February 4, 2021

What are the benefits of having a linen and laundry tracking system?

  1. Improve inventory accuracy
  2. Lessen labor and increase productivity
  3. Prevent loss and theft
  4. Facilitate purchasing decisions
  5. Manage item check-in and check out
  6. Prevent infection in healthcare
  7. Improve sales
  8. Reduce overall costs


Linen and Laundry Tracking System in the Philippines is one of the technological solutions you should take a look at especially when your business experiences loss and theft. It can help you reduce costs while improving your overall operations and employee productivity. Read on to learn more.

Improve Inventory Accuracy

Improve Inventory Accuracy

Manual sorting and counting are prone to human errors—especially when handling a large number of laundry items. This hinders operations and increases delays when you need real-time information quickly.

Because RFID is sewn into your linen items, you can instantly record the number of items in a room without having to scan each object. This will give you an accurate figure which will then be instantly saved in your database and available for access at any time.

Lessen Labor And Increase Productivity

With a manual process, workers in the hotel, laundry, textile renting, and healthcare industries need to dedicate large amounts of time just to sort out piles of linen and laundry. Even simple tasks like counting soiled towels can take hours in a single workday.

Linen and laundry tracking systems will automate your processes and lessen the need for manual sorting. This will increase your workers’ efficiency and give them more time for more important tasks in your establishment.

Prevent Loss And Theft

Prevent Loss And Theft

Now that you have a digital system in place, you can effectively prevent loss and theft in your establishment. Since linen and laundry are integrated with RFID tags, you can easily track if an item is out for laundry, being rented, or in the storage room.

A linen and laundry tracking system will also increase the accountability of third party services. If you outsource your laundry labor, you can easily compare the amount of linen you left with the number of pieces remaining in your inventory after all of them have been washed.

Facilitate Purchasing Decisions

In the hotel and healthcare industries, it is easy to waste finances by not having the right information to facilitate your purchasing decisions. But with a linen and laundry tracking system, you can make better choices which can save you a good amount of money.

This is because you will have information in your database regarding the wash cycle of your linen. You will have information on how often they’re used. This can help you make a decision on when it’s time to replace bed sheets, pillowcases, and towels to maintain high-quality standards.

Manage Item Check-In And Check-Out

Manage Item Check-In And Check-Out

Linen and laundry tracking systems will also improve inventory management. This can prevent situations where you are left out of stock—which could happen when linen is still at the laundry.

Aside from this, textile renting businesses will also know when return due dates are approaching. This can signal them to contact their customers and follow-up the return of the product. Because of these, you can improve client relations and upgrade your services.

Prevent Infection In Healthcare

In healthcare, clean linens—from patient’s gowns, bed sheets, pillowcases, and curtains—are vital. Aside from making patients more comfortable and at ease in their surroundings, it can also help prevent the spread of infection.

Sometimes an unwashed bedsheet may look clean and mistaking it for one will encourage the growth of germs and bacteria. Fortunately, since each one will be sewn with RFID, you can ensure the rotation of these items, with all soiled fabrics being thoroughly cleaned.

Improve Sales

Improve Sales

Aside from streamlining your processes and improving the visibility of your inventory, linen and laundry tracking systems can also improve your sales. As RFID is sewn on each product, you will have a record of times it was checked out from your establishment.

Because you have information on which textile is commonly being rented out, you have an idea of what pieces to invest in. This is beneficial whether you’re leasing uniforms, gowns, or suits.

Reduce Overall Costs

Because of the minimized labor, loss prevention, and better purchasing decisions, you can reduce your overall operating costs. You will gain more sales, improve customer relationships and prevent asset-related problems in your establishment.

This makes a linen and laundry tracking system very cost-effective in the long run. The money saved can instead be used for other worthy investments that can make your business grow.

Key Takeaway

Investing in a linen and laundry tracking system has many advantages for your business. It will reduce labor, provide accurate inventory information, guide your purchasing decisions, prevent loss and theft, while improving processes, increasing sales, and reducing your operational costs.

Many industries—such as hotel, laundry, textile renting, and healthcare—utilize this system. Aside from linen, RFID can also be embedded in equipment and tools. Logistics, manufacturing, and corporate offices will also find this innovative asset-tracking system useful.

If you’re looking for Linen and Laundry Tracking System in the Philippines, you can send a message to Elid Technology International. Aside from asset tracking solutions, they also provide integrated security systems for your establishment’s safety and security.