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How the Automatic License Plate Recognition System Protects Hotels

Published on : November 14, 2019

What are the advantages of automatic license plate recognition systems to hotels?

  1. Improved security
  2. Less manned surveillance
  3. Prevent dangerous situations
  4. Deters crime
  5. Effective collection of data


Migrate to an advanced and more efficient way of recognizing license plates to better serve your hotel guests. Find solutions to your visitor management process issues with automatic license plate recognition in the Philippines. Moreover, crime-proof your hotel and eliminate the tedious process of having to manually record plate numbers.

Improved Security

A CCTV camera on a wall

Automatic license plate recognition can create stringent processes to prevent human errors. Manual checks done by security personnel require recording notes of the vehicle’s plate number, color, as well as the model. The manual process does not provide any assurance that the information is recorded error-free. With automatic license plate recognition systems in place, you get almost 100% accuracy when reading and recording numbers.

Aside from improved security, parking management is also made efficient. Visitors will not have to wait in line for several minutes to enter the parking space. Each vehicle is scanned even meters away from the reader. The system’s readers can quickly search for information and render accurate results which security personnel may heavily rely on.

Less Manned Surveillance

With automatic license plate recognition systems installed, the need for security personnel at the parking entrance is lessened. With this, you can deploy personnel to other parts of the parking lot for surveillance. Otherwise, they can be useful for managing the security cameras so that every corner of the space is kept safe for guests.

Efficient security personnel management is also an advantage of installing an automatic license plate recognition system. For instance, two security personnel managing an area can distract both from doing their jobs. Employing them in different posts will provide sufficient security for all areas of the parking lot.

Prevent Dangerous Situations

A security personnel in black talking on a walkie talkie

Protect your security day in and day out from dangerous criminals. The reality of working security is that encounters with individuals who have bad intentions may require confrontation and apprehension. A license plate reader will help protect your officers by informing them of the expectations of incoming vehicles. For instance, an officer in the post could call for backup before confronting a vehicle scanned to be associated with a violent crime.

Deters Crime

Aside from catching delinquent visitors, the automatic license plate recognition system is able to prevent crime from happening in the first place. Hotels are high-risk areas for individuals who have plans to commit violent acts. To protect your guest visitors, install a license recognition system and cameras all over the hotel parking entrance to prevent criminals from entering the premises. People will be less likely to commit crimes when they know that you have a system that can track down their every movement.

Effective Collection of Data

Two security personnel reviewing CCTV footage

Automatic license plate recognition is deemed a unified security solution for hotel parking lots. The information collected goes directly to the hotel’s security system database to track down potential suspects. The hotel is also given the opportunity to collect data regarding the frequency of the guest’s visits. With this, hotels can personalize parking spots that safely secure the visitor’s vehicle. The security of their vehicles and the premises represents the prime selling points of a hotel to guests.

Key Takeaway

Recognize your frequent customers based on their license plate to customize their visit. Automatic license plate recognition systems are beneficial for hotels in terms of serving their customers with unparalleled protection and accommodation. Through the system, a hotel can track the activities of the customers, such as the food they last ordered and the suite they last occupied.

With this, you can better serve customers with a prompt offer once they reach the front desk. Simply put, automatic license plate recognition in the Philippines is an effective tool used to assist visitor management systems and deter crimes.

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