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The Importance of Employee Time Tracking During COVID-19

Published on : October 2, 2020

What is the importance of employee time tracking during COVID-19?

  1. Keeping Employees On Track
  2. Accurate and Seamless Payroll and Billing System
  3. Offers Flexibility
  4. Altering Projects
  5. You Can Evaluate Staff Performance


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way that we work without a doubt. After months of strictly stay-at-home protocols, regulations are now starting to loosen up and businesses and establishments can now reopen and continue their on-site operations. However, things will definitely not be the same. This “new normal” demands businesses and their owners to meticulously think about their routines and implement protocols for the safety and security of the whole establishment.

If you are planning to open up your doors again or are looking for ways to further secure your business during these terrifying times, an employee time tracking during COVID-19 will make a world of a difference. It’s one of the top tools in the businesses’ arsenal as the pandemic remains. Here’s why time tracking is particularly important now:


Keeping Employees On Track

Time tracking is no stranger to the office environment. If you haven’t invested one for your business today, now is the right time to do so. Plus, there are numerous software and solutions in the market nowadays that are more innovative and modern. You don’t need the use of time cards. Today, you can capture time data through a variety of clocking options.

With employee time tracking, you get to track your employee’s hours in real-time and ensures that they are working where and how they should. This ensures that you are not losing any money through things such as time-theft, unauthorized overtime, rounding timesheets, human errors, and more. It’s the most reliable tool to use to keep employees in the loop during the crisis.

This can even be applied for those companies who are implementing a work-from-home setup. Time tracking solutions like TimeChek is a web-based application system that is capable of running via cloud technology. This means, all your employees need is a running divide and web browser. You’ll be able to see when they clock in and out of work!


Accurate and Seamless Payroll and Billing System

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There is no doubt that you wouldn’t want any invoice and payment issues that can further affect your liquidity and cash flow — especially in these crucial times. These can easily be avoided with accurate time tracking. With a time tracking software, you are given a simple and effective way to stay on top of your payroll. It can easily calculate the compensation and benefits for your employees in whichever kind of work arraignment they have. Whether they are on the field, working from home, or at the office.

You can also get on top of your outlays and cash income. Time tracking devices offer you detailed reports regarding quotes and estimates, accurate invoices, and even bills.


Offers Flexibility

Not all your employees need to work on-site anymore! With modern time tracking systems, you can pull up information and create schedules for your employees with just a click of a button. This instantly removes the need for them to travel to the workplace and reduces the risk of them being exposed.


Altering Projects

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All tasks are prone to delays and backlogs. However, due to the given circumstances, it may even be more prevalent. Using quality employee time tracking software will have you analyze the duration and the severity of each job. It will help you determine patterns that you may need to adjust and schedule into a more realistic pandemic-optimized time frame.


You Can Evaluate Staff Performance

The way your business performs during the crisis is crucial. This will make or break your recovery. And without conducting strategic approaches, your business is at risk of failing or even closing down.

With employee time tracking, you are offered data to evaluate the performance of your team — even in the comfort of your home. You can use this to determine the strengths and weaknesses they need to work on and help you conduct a personalized, strategic, and analytical approach to navigate your way through the pandemic.


Key Takeaway

Employee time tracking during COVID-19 is definitely something that business owners should embrace. There are a number of groundbreaking innovations for time tracking nowadays that can help keep the establishment safe, secure, and run seamlessly. And pandemic aside, it will also surely continue to provide benefits long after the pandemic has subsided. It is surely a great investment to make.

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