How To Boost Hotel Security: Here Are 7 Ways You Can Do It

How To Boost Hotel Security: Here Are 7 Ways You Can Do It

Published on : February 17, 2021

How can you boost hotel security?

  1. Upgrade CCTV surveillance systems
  2. Upgrade locks now and then
  3. Don’t forget about lift security
  4. Screen every visitor and guest
  5. Enhance your parking lot safety
  6. Keep an eye on your assets
  7. Have emergency plans in place


Hotels welcome a number of guests—especially during the peak season. This creates an opportunity for criminals to steal and loot establishments with weak security systems. To provide a good quality of service to your customers which includes comfort and also safety, you must know how to boost hotel security. Keep on reading!

Upgrade CCTV Surveillance Systems

Upgrade CCTV Surveillance Systems

Most hotels have basic security solutions in place such as CCTV cameras. But it shouldn’t stop there. To be effective, these CCTV cameras should constantly be monitored by security personnel.

While this method can be effective, added protection can be done by installing intrusion alarm systems. This will trigger a notification whenever these types of activity are happening in the workplace.

Upgrade Locks Now And Then

Even in smaller establishments, there would be more than 10 doors that need to be installed with good quality locks. This way, thieves and other criminals would be deterred. But as locks can deteriorate and weaken through wear and tear, upgrading them is crucial.

If you want to enhance the safety of each room, it is recommended to upgrade to digital locks. With door access control systems, you don’t have to worry about keys falling into the wrong hands, duplication of keys, and having to manually track who has each key. You can also restrict who can access a door and monitor forced entries.

Don’t Forget About Lift Security

Don’t Forget About Lift Security

Aside from enhancing the security of each room, elevators are also another place that criminals could freely access—if you allow them to. If it is free for all, anyone can ride up the elevator to snoop around your property. With a lift access system, however, you can limit entry to guests and employees only.

Aside from being given access cards to enter their rooms, guests can also use them to access elevators. Furthermore, the entry can also be restricted up until certain floors—such as the gym, restaurant, and swimming pool. Only employees and other important suppliers can freely go to the kitchen, maintenance room, and staff-only areas.

Screen Every Visitor And Guest

Most hotels employ a registration system at the lobby to keep track of guests and visitors. This also helps them know when a customer is due for check-in and check-out. But if you don’t have a visitor management system in place, you might be missing out on an opportunity to boost your hotel’s security

With a visitor management system, you can easily keep records of repeat customers without fumbling for old books. You can track guests with misbehaving records in the past. You can also deter criminals by requiring IDs and image capture. They would be less willing to go inside knowing that you have their personal information.

Enhance Your Parking Lot Safety

Enhance Your Parking Lot Safety

Parking space is one of the amenities that guests are looking for in a hotel. While most hotel buildings install basic security solutions such as CCTV cameras, parking lots are less prioritized. That’s why if you have one, know that thieves and burglars also target this place due to its low security.

Criminals could easily enter most parking spaces by pretending to be a guest or a staff member of your hotel. But with a vehicle access control system, only individuals with access cards can enter this restricted space.

Keep An Eye On Your Assets

Linen loss is one of the major causes of expenses for hotel owners. Bedsheets, pillowcases, and towels can be taken home by guests or get lost in the laundry. Most are also replaced before their end of life. As most establishments purchase premium materials to maintain the quality standards they offer to guests, the loss of these items can lead to financial losses.

If you want to keep an eye on your assets—may it be linen, appliances, or furniture—an asset tracking solution might prove to be useful. By using RFID technology, you can increase the visibility of your assets and know whether they’re in the laundry or in a guest’s room. This can also help you monitor how many washes each one has been through, helping in your purchase decisions.

Have Emergency Plans In Place

Have Emergency Plans In Place

Aside from having professional skills in serving customers, your staff should also be trained on emergency tasks. Even if urgent situations—such as fires, criminal activities, and medical crises—happen rarely in your establishment, it is vital to be prepared to prevent the loss of life. Good technological equipment requires trained staff that can quickly respond to incidents.

To do this, set up regular emergency preparedness meetings with your staff. Invite local law enforcement professionals, firefighters, medics, and the like. As preventive measures are important, so are reactive procedures.

Key Takeaway

If you want to enhance your hotel’s security, you can do so by upgrading your equipment and training your staff. This will guarantee that you can deter criminals while also being armed with the right knowledge and information to react to crises.

If you have more specific questions on how to boost hotel security, you can message Elid. They will assist you in finding the right software and equipment for your establishment to ensure the right fit. Send a message here!