ELID Among Companies Showcased At The 2019 Hotel Suppliers Show

The 2019 Hotel Suppliers Show transpired during the last 19th to 21st of September at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, in Pasay City. The annual conference aims to showcase products and services applicable to the hotel industry. The show covers everything from systems and tracking solutions, construction materials, and even hotel furniture.

ELID Among Companies Showcased At The 2019 Hotel Suppliers Show

ELID Technology Intl., Inc. was among the trusted and sponsored brands that joined the conference. The company is a well-known manufacturer of security access control and integrated security systems. They are recognized for designing quality devices and solutions that allow the hotel industry in the Philippines to remain a secure place for guests.

The company’s mission is to create ground-breaking products at affordable prices. On the other hand, their vision is to be a world-renowned manufacturer of electronic identification systems. This has allowed them to provide genuine customer service as well as advanced security for the well-being of hotel guests all over the country.

The event is also where ELID showcased its newly released smart energy savings system, hotel lock system, and asset & linen tracking platform. The booth contained visual presentations of their products and services that could be tested by event-goers. This was what led to ELID Technology Intl., Inc. receiving the award for Best Booth Design.

ENKOA: Smart Energy Savings Systems

ENKOA: Smart Energy Savings Systems

The smart energy savings systems showcased in the conference by ELID ranged from wireless multi-box and motion sensors, door and window sensors, to iLock Furniture Electronic Locks with RFID. All of these are able to be connected to the iView software for an integrated and enhanced tracking solution system. These energy-saving devices are designed to reduce the consumption of electricity when hotel appliances like air conditioning units and lights are not being used by guests.

Software iVIEW for Energy

This software can track all devices installed in each hotel room. It is installed either in the cloud or on a local server for the convenience of the user. The double database, particularly REDIS and MySQL, stored using the software ensures the speed of communications and the persistence of data. The software specifications include monitoring of remote rooms as well as rooms with DND and MUR. Moreover, the software shows SOS alerts through pop-ups or emails. It also employs preventive maintenance to obtain information about possible errors that could occur in the sensors and communication devices.

Multi-box Wireless Energy Saver and Multi-box Motion Sensor

The recessed or surface installed Multi-box Wireless Energy Saver automatically turns the power off once a guest leaves the room. This is to save on air conditioning and light electricity consumption. The Multi-box Wireless Energy Saver works hand-in-hand with the wall-mounted Multi-box Motion Sensor. The wireless communication between the two devices allows for efficient energy saving. The moment the Multi-box Motion Sensor detects an absence of motion inside the room, it sends information to the Multi-box Wireless Energy Saver, which acts accordingly.

DND/MUR Button and Indicator

The DND/MUR button works together with the indicator. The button device allows guests to select from three options: “do not disturb”, “makeup room”, or “stop bell”. The indicator visualizes the chosen room status on the outside.

SOS Button

A bathroom wall-mounted SOS button enables guests to send an alert to hotel security. The alert will be received by the iVIEW software through a pop-up or email.

Furniture Electronic Lock with RFID

To secure a guest’s belongings, there is the iLock Furniture Electronic Lock with RFID. It can only be operated through a contactless opening with an approaching MIFARE card. The device is concealed inside the furniture. Once identification is recognized, the furniture door will pop open.

AseTrak: Asset and Linen Tracking

AseTrak: Asset and Linen Tracking

Some of ELID’s solutions for tagging valuable hotel assets are Real-Time Garment Counters, RFID Linen Tags, and Table Top Readers. Hotel supply of essential linens such as new bed covers and pillowcases, as well as towels are susceptible to getting lost. With these tracking devices, valuable assets are protected from being stolen or misplaced.

Real-Time Garment Counter

A real-time garment counter can monitor the linen count. It works with RFID linen tags to keep an inventory of clean and dirty linens around the area to prevent cases of lost assets. Once an RFID-tagged piece of linen is placed on top of the garment counter, it immediately gets counted.

Xeeder: Hotel Locks Systems

Xeeder: Hotel Locks Systems

Xeeder’s hotel lock systems were also presented during the conference. These are made to protect guests and their belongings. Included in ELID’s booth were a smart elevator reader and lock systems that included wireless, fingerprint, and pin code locks.

Elevator Reader

The elevator reader and controller limit floor access exclusively to valid cards given to guests and employees. It is mounted onto the hotel guest elevator control panel that only recognizes authorized cards.

Smart Lock System

The locks that were presented in the conference were the wireless lock, fingerprint lock, and pin code lock. Each lock system is unique and differs in its manner of operation. The wireless lock can be operated by a valid card that is only provided to the guest of the particular room or to particular employees. The smart fingerprint lock can be accessed through the touch pin input or by fingerprint. Lastly, the smart code lock or pin code lock can only be operated through the input of the correct pin.

Acquire Innovative Hotel Security Systems with ELID

The 2019 Hotel Suppliers Show was yet another success. Once again, the organizers were able to accomplish their purpose of a 360˚ sourcing event for the entire hospitality industry. Exhibitors and event-goers alike were blessed with the opportunity to participate in a platform with a shared goal of further improving the local hotel industry.

Credits to the organizers for having held the 10th conference which rendered an exceptional turnout of events. The hospitality industry may expect a bigger and more impactful Hotel Suppliers Show in the years to come. In line with continuous technological innovations, ELID Technology Intl., Inc. is anticipated to constantly conduct systems upgrades and further develop preventive security measures to keep hotel guests safe and happy.