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Hotel Smart Security System Features To Look For

Published on : January 27, 2020

What are hotel smart security system features you should look out for?

  1. Fill-in Guest Check-in Information Function
  2. Data Searching Function
  3. Real-time Display of Hotel Room Status
  4. Availability of Statistics


Hotel door lock systems are made of two main parts with varied components, including the software and the locks. The software and locks work hand-in-hand to provide your guests with the security they need. They also allow you to micromanage each hotel room without having to assign personnel to do frequent area rounds.

The purpose of these systems is to secure the safety of guests as well as prevent them from losing their keys. Choosing a hotel door lock system requires a lot of research before settling on a particular choice. Read on to learn about important hotel security features to help you obtain the best choice for your facility.

Fill-in Guest Check-in Information Function

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Each unit lock, whether it is accessed through fingerprint or code, is unique because it is programmed to contain the information of the current guest. Programmable key cards can contain set information about hotel guests. Together with the software, it will be easier to manage individual room access and deny entry to visitors without permission from the registered room occupant.

Data Searching Function

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An efficient software will enable you to search for a room, guest, and card in less than 10 seconds. Guest search and room search are typical check-in tasks done at the registration. With efficient software, you will be able to immediately accommodate new guests and provide them with the most suitable room depending on their needs and requirements. Card searches, on the other hand, allow you to track the card’s operating records, including the time of entry and exit.

Apart from that, you must also look for software that can retrieve or recover the database in the case of power loss or device malfunction. Most software available in the market today has import options for either file transfer or for printing hard copies.

Real-time Display of Hotel Room Status

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The filter search feature of the software allows you to view the room’s status. The typical outline of this may begin with the building number, followed by the room type, and the status. If you have three hotel wings, you may input all the guest rooms of each wing into the software. Take note, you can only do this as long as they have a compatible lock system installed on the door. You are allowed to label each building according to how they are called or by numbers.

Finally, the status of the rooms may have up to six options. Here are some of the typical labels used by hotels. Note that icons are sometimes available for use for easier and faster tracking.

  • Ok

The “OK” status is used to signal if a room has been emptied, cleaned, replenished, and ready to be live. The common icon that indicates this status is a house.

  • Bad

In some cases, a room can be labeled “BAD” if it has been locked or prevented from being occupied for certain reasons. For instance, a leaking faucet or malfunctioning lock system could be the cause for temporarily locking a hotel suite. A padlock icon is commonly used to symbolize this status.

  • Booked

As the label suggests, “BOOKED” status means a hotel room is reserved by a guest. The passport icon is a universal symbol for a booked status. Otherwise, you may use a checkmark.

  • Dirty

For rooms waiting to be cleaned and replenished, the broom icon symbolizes the “DIRTY” status. Once hotel guests leave a room and check out at the front desk, the personnel managing the software may indicate the room to be dirty. With this, the room will not be offered to incoming guests.

  • Occupied

When a hotel room has been checked in and occupied, it will have the “OCCUPIED” status with a person icon.

Availability of Statistics

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One of the most important features of a software system is access to a statistics center. The option includes 3 parts of system data: the current room occupancy rate, a different type of room occupancy rate, and VIP guest. Current room occupancy rate statistics show the number of guests checked in at a particular suite in the form of graphs. The room occupancy rate will just display numbers and dates. The VIP guest function provides you with information about the guests who frequently check-in.

Key Takeaway

Looking for the most suitable hotel smart security system for your hotel premises? It is necessary to consider the functionality of both the software and the actual lock system. An efficient hotel lock software should allow you to configure settings of the lock and program key cards to fully obtain hotel security. Features like user-friendly displays, real-time room status updates, and complete guest check-in information are necessary to acquire the security you are hoping for.