Reasons Why Hotels Are Installing Smart Door Locks

Reasons Why Hotels Are Installing Smart Door Locks

Published on : July 31, 2019

Why are your hotels using smart door locks?

  1. Easy Threat Detection
  2. Convenient Operation
  3. Energy Savings and Space Savings
  4. Guaranteed Protection


Hotels are using hotel lock systems in the Philippines for a number of reasons. It’s a smarter move to steer away from traditional lock systems to a much smarter and more efficient mechanism. These are significant investments that can impact the entire establishment. Hotels are given the chance to be better and give guests the best service. If you’re a guest, you would want only the best guarantees when it comes to the quality of your stay and safety. If you’re a general manager for the hotel, you want to ensure that all your operations are running smoothly. If you’re planning to invest in a new lock system for your hotel, here are a few key points to consider.

Easy Threat Detection

Easy Threat Detection

Most high-end or five-star hotels can still be prone to security breaches and threats. These problems need to be secured and dealt with properly. Hotel locks are an ideal solution to increase security. These locks can also help detect a security breach or a security threat on the spot. This enables your security team to take the necessary actions and deal with the security breach as soon as possible. Hotel lock systems can be linked to a management system and newer innovations also include a data log system within the lock itself.

The lock system can be installed in other parts of your establishment as well. This makes it easy for you to detect who goes in and out of the facility. Only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas. If a breach does happen, you’ll be able to pinpoint which area was breached and who accessed it. It’s convenient for both you and your guests. If you could take a step to be a better hotel, why not take a chance and invest in a high-quality hotel lock system?

Convenient Operation

For your benefit, hotel lock systems are designed with convenience in mind. The interface of each lock enables the hotel, staff, and guests to use it with ease. The designs are meant to innovate the approach towards security and high-quality systems without sacrificing simplicity. Smart locks should be standard for guest rooms and hotels. Falling behind on these innovations shouldn’t be an option at all as it can potentially compromise the integrity of your hotel. Managing a hotel is already a difficult task. By investing in systems that can potentially make things easier for management, it can significantly improve the way you handle common problems hotels face on a daily basis.

As a guest, you might experience losing your physical hotel keys at one point. New system trends can let you carry a digital lock with just your smartphone using a mobile application, wireless networks, or Bluetooth. One of the most important things you have on-hand when traveling is your phone. Phones nowadays can also be used as digital wallets and more. If you could use your phone as a new way to lock and unlock your hotel room, you can eliminate the problem of losing your physical hotel room keys.

Energy Savings and Space SavingsEnergy Savings and Space Savings

Leading hotels know the advantage of smart locks. The installation of these smart locks has now become a standard and a common practice for leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry. The designs of these locks are also innovative, with sleek features and slim silhouettes. Traditional locks usually come in bulky designs. These designs are outdated and can make rooms instantly look worn down with just a glance. Upgrading your smart locks is like adding a fresh coat of paint to your door. It can instantly transform the look and feel of a floor, especially if they’re properly maintained.

Another benefit of using a hotel lock system is its energy-saving capability. The new designs call for battery units to be built in the lock system itself. These lock systems are designed to use power efficiently, allowing you to change batteries less frequently. Since they’re not connected to your main power, you need not worry about locking guests and other parts of the hotel when there’s a power outage. The replacement batteries are also very cheap. The batteries used can be AAA. These cells can last long because of the design of the lock system.

Guaranteed Protection

There’s a guarantee that your hotel lock will reinforce your security in your rooms and property. The protective capabilities of these locks are designed to notify owners when something goes awry. If the battery runs out, the facility will be alerted immediately. If someone forces entry. There’s also the evident failed safety measures in these locks, which are essential. There’s nothing wrong with adding another layer of security to protect your property and your guests.

Key Takeaway

Hotel lock systems in the Philippines are the new standard for any high-end hotel. All leading hotels understand the benefits that these lock systems can bring to the whole property. Try out these lock systems today for a better hotel and better security for you and your guests.