A Guide To A Secure Parking Lot Design

A Guide To A Secure Parking Lot Design

Published on : June 11, 2021

What’s included in a guide to a secure parking lot design?

  1. Determine who uses your parking lot
  2. Maximize your parking lot size
  3. Design a layout for safe traffic flow
  4. Don’t forget the pedestrians
  5. Choose long-lasting pavements
  6. Utilize technology to make it safer

If you pay attention to the design of your parking lot, you can make it easier for drivers to find a slot, reduce accidents in your establishment, make a good impression on your clients, and deter trouble makers. To help you, here is a guide to a secure parking lot design! Keep on reading to learn more.

Determine Who Uses Your Parking Lot

Determine Who Uses Your Parking Lot

Depending on who uses your parking lot, your overall design will vary. For example, if you cater to customers at a mall, you need to have more slots for visitors. But if you need a parking lot system for large vehicles such as 8-wheeler trucks, buses, and heavy equipment, you need to look for higher-quality pavement material. In this case, a thicker flooring system is recommended to ensure longevity.

If you’re dealing with parking lot customers daily, it is also recommended to invest in a high-tech payment collection system so you can lessen manual labor and increase security in your building.

Maximize Your Parking Lot Size

When it comes to commercial parking lots, spacing is one of the main concerns. To maximize your area, you can compute the number of slots you need to have. But depending on the nature of your business, this might vary. For example, if you have a restaurant, you might only need the standard size for each car. But for supermarkets, you might need to factor in the space needed to load the groceries.

Having an allowance for each slot can make it safer for every person who uses it. Other than the parked vehicles, you also need to consider the area needed for pedestrian lanes, ramps, and curbs.

Design A Layout For Safe Traffic Flow

Design A Layout For Safe Traffic Flow

A parking lot with a complicated layout can make it harder for drivers to find a parking slot—especially first-time visitors. For example, if you have a one-way system for entering and exiting the parking lot, you risk the chance of accidents. Instead, 2-way traffic lanes can make your parking lot safer. It also makes the experience for guests more convenient.

In addition to that, you also need to provide signages that can help direct traffic flow in your parking lot. Something as simple as an “entry”, “exit”, “wrong way” can help you reduce the risk of parking lot accidents. These can be placed overhead or marked on the asphalt. Lastly, you can also install concrete wheel stop barriers at the front of each parking slot to ensure vehicular safety.

Don’t Forget The Pedestrians

Other than the vehicles, you also need to prioritize the pedestrians when designing your layout. That means you need to provide safe walkways that can help lessen the risk of accidents. As much as possible, sidewalks should be visible from afar to decrease the chances of slipping and tripping. This is why lighting should also be your main concern.

All your facilities and amenities should be made accessible to handicapped guests. Their parking slots must be located near the building entrance with the shortest possible route available. The pathway must also be at least 3 feet wide and designed with a slip-resistant floor material.

Choose Long-Lasting Pavements

Choose Long-Lasting Pavements

Potholes and pathway cracks can damage a vehicle and lead to car accidents especially when it’s nighttime. If neglected, these can worsen and deepen with daily use. If you have high vehicular traffic in your parking lot, you might need to invest in high-quality materials to ensure longevity.

You can apply a special coating like polyurethane or have your pavements sealed with a weatherproof solution to make them long-lasting. If you’re dealing with large vehicles, consult a professional when choosing a flooring material.

Utilize Technology To Make It Safer

If your parking lot is primarily used for employees and tenants, then you can install Elid’s automatic number plate recognition system to make entrance and entry more efficient.

The reader can detect the license plate of the vehicles and trigger the opening of the barrier if the number is registered in the system. This can be used outdoors in all weather conditions! If you prefer to use access cards, Elid also has other vehicle access control systems that can help restrict access in and out of your parking lot.

For commercial establishments, it is recommended to have the SPID Car Park Management System 2.0. You can use it to conveniently charge flat rates, allow cashless payments, and offer multiple discounts to your customers. It takes a camera snapshot of the driver of the vehicle and the license plate so you have a detailed record of your visitors.

Key Takeaway

You need to consider the space, traffic flow, pedestrians, flooring conditions, and vehicle access control system when designing a parking lot. With all these factors taken care of, you can prevent car accidents, deter criminals, and give peace of mind to your guests.

But if you need a customized guide to a secure parking lot design, you can contact Elid! We offer parking and vehicle management solutions to make your establishment safer and secure.

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