Guide On Choosing An Automatic Gate System In The Philippines

Guide On Choosing An Automatic Gate System In The Philippines

Published on : December 17, 2020

How can you choose an automatic gate system in the Philippines?

  1. Determine your purpose
  2. Decide on an appropriate location
  3. Select a smart gate design
  4. Look at the software used
  5. Understand maintenance requirements


An automatic gate system in the Philippines can improve the safety and security of your building. It can do this by deterring any trouble makers from crime such as theft. Aside from this, it can also upgrade the look of your establishment. For businesses, this means a better professional impression which can also affect sales in a positive way. If you’re interested in a smart gates system, keep on reading!

Determine Your Purpose

Determine Your Purpose

The first question you should ask yourself is why you need an automatic gate system. Will it be used in residential, commercial, or industrial establishments? Another thing you have to think about is the people who will use the gates. Depending on your answer, the type you will choose will differ.

For example, automatic gates that screen individual persons are not commonly seen in the home. For this case, you may want to use a vehicle control system. This way, you can set up a barrier for monitoring the cars that go in and out of your house. Hotels and condominiums will also benefit from this option to track any guests that will use their parking space.

Turnstiles and swing gates are usually used for businesses. If you want to protect sensitive information and high-profile persons that usually go in and out of your office, you can use this type of smart gate.

Decide On An Appropriate Location

Location is also another thing you have to consider when investing in an automatic gate system. You have to make sure that you have enough open space whether vertically or horizontally to fit a gate.

For example, car barriers will usually swing upwards so you have to have enough vertical clearance for the moving part. You won’t usually have this problem because when you build a parking lot, the clearance would have been already measured to ensure that high vehicles such as vans and pick-up trucks can fit at the entrance.

If you plan to install a smart gate to monitor the flow of people, you would have to consider getting more than just 1 gate. For places with heavy foot traffic such as airports and public trains, make sure you have enough space at the entrance to install this.

Select A Smart Gate Design

Select A Smart Gate Design

With Elid, you can choose from various smart gate models with modern designs that can improve any facility’s professional look. Customer colors are also available upon request to add aesthetic value to your smart gate.

For smaller spaces, there are compact options such as Slim Lane 944. Other designs have wide lanes to provide more space to accommodate people in wheelchairs.

All smart gates are cost-effective in the long run because of the benefits they give. With the Tripod Turnstile, which is more compact than other models, you can also add additional features such as face recognition and fingerprint detection. It is durable because of its steel material, which prevents mechanical wear and tear.

For vehicles, Elid also offers physical barrier models for you to choose from. On average, it can open within 6 seconds, but the fastest is the Snap 4 Barrier, which can open in 3 seconds. This way, you can avoid having a car queue at the entrance of your parking lot.

Look At The Software Used

When you’re investing in a smart gate system, you should also take a look at the available software. In Elid, there are 3 options you can choose from, depending on the features you want to use. You can also opt to use other systems but only use one software.

For example, with the Matrix V, you can also add door access management, intrusion alarm monitoring, lift access control, and visitor management in addition to a smart gates and vehicle control system. Other software you may want to check out is the WinPro 2 and E.Win 3.

There is also a very useful feature which is the Anti-Tailgate System. This will prevent outsiders from trying to follow an authorized person through your smart gate. Only one individual can enter per given time.

Understand Maintenance Requirements

Understand Maintenance Requirements

This is the last thing you may want to think about before purchasing a smart gate system. You should always look for after-sales service. For example, Elid’s SlimLite 960 Barrier has a 2-year warranty when you buy it. It also requires minimal maintenance so you can just focus on using it.

You may also want to ask about the life cycle of an automatic smart gate before it needs to be repaired. The more numbers they give you, the longer it will last. For comparison, the SlimLane 945 SC Twin has 5 million mean cycles if you follow the recommended maintenance procedures.

Another information that is beneficial to look into is whether a gate can be used indoors or outdoors. This is possible with the Waist Height Turnstile, which can also be placed outside as long as there is an awning.

Key Takeaway

To help you choose an automatic gate system in the Philippines, you first have to think of your purpose in investing in one. You also have to consider the space you have and select the most appropriate design for your needs. The hardware is just as important as the software because it controls all the features and mechanisms. Lastly, do not forget regular maintenance for the upkeep of your newest security system.

If you’re interested in Elid’s access control system, you can message us here.