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The Importance of Guest Identification Technology

Published on : December 2, 2019

Why is guest identification technology important?

  1. For the safety and security of guests
  2. Enhances customer experience
  3. Big data and data protection
  4. Smart parking


Smart technology is constantly changing any form of work or task as well as activities and leisure. The hospitality or hotel industry is not an exception. There are plenty of ways the industry is leading the change when it comes to adopting business technology. From asset trackers, comprehensive security, and ID systems. In the Philippines, more and more customers are inclined to avail of the services of reputable hotels that provide highly digitized amenities and accommodations.

With that, here are some of the reasons why guest identification technology is necessary for improving customer relationships.

For the Safety and Security of Guests

Securing the hotel and its perimeter remains the safest and most reliable way to improve customer service. It can also deter theft and fraud, as well as other criminal measures related to cybersecurity. Hotels accommodate hundreds to even thousands of guests going in and out at different times. The front desk can only accommodate so much.

With this, manual logbooks become unreliable and obsolete. The hotel will become vulnerable to security breaches due to the hefty number of people visiting for different reasons. Some may be booking rooms while others may only be visiting for entertainment. To identify security risks before they occur, choose to invest in a guest identification system. Having a guest identification system in place allows a hotel to separate legitimate customers from potential threats.

Enhances Customer Experience

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Highly advanced automatic license plate recognition is a guest identification system. As the term suggests, it can scan plate numbers and match them to its owner. It is a unified security solution for hotel parking lots wherein information collected goes directly to the hotel’s security system databases.

Moreover, the guest identification allows hotels to collect data regarding the frequency of a guest’s visits. With this, the hotel can personalize parking spots that safely secure a loyal guest’s vehicle. It can also determine the previous services the guests have obtained. In this case, the hotel is able to suggest their previous activity, which can drive customer experience. The security of vehicles, as well as personalized accommodations, are considered some of the prime selling points of a hotel.

Big Data and Data Protection

One of the main benefits of guest identification technology is its capability to aggregate data and make it actionable. However, the biggest concern around data and the necessary data collection is the safety around it. The price point of big-data solutions makes them more accessible to every aspect of the hotel business. Guest identification technology is expected to see more hotels adopting and investing in the system.

Smart Parking

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With guest identification technology, human error can be totally eliminated. Taking the automatic license plate recognition as an example of guest identification, manual checks done by security personnel will be minimized. With automatic license plate recognition systems in place, your parking system gets almost 100% accuracy when reading and recording plate numbers and car models.

Aside from improved security, this type of technology will also eradicate the stringent process of recording and confirming guest identity. This means that visitors will not have to wait in line for several minutes to enter the parking space. Each vehicle is scanned even meters away from the reader, which quickly searches for information and renders accurate results.

Key Takeaway

Make your hotel business great and migrate to efficient solutions when it comes to identifying guests with an ID system. In the Philippines, a hotel business can increase their revenue by driving customer loyalty. One of the best ways to capture and maintain customers is to provide them with unparalleled security within the premises of the hotel. Secure your business today and in the future with guest identification technology.