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Benefits of A Guard Tour Patrol System For Hotels

Published on : January 3, 2020

What are the benefits of a hotel guard tour patrol system?

  1. Real-time Tracking
  2. Reduced Costs
  3. Comprehensive Data Analysis
  4. Proper Scheduling
  5. Remote Management
  6. Enhanced Guard Protection


Hotels experience a number of guests that come and go as they please. It also frequently experiences staff visiting restricted areas. With that, it is only suitable to place a reliable security verification system to keep an eye on things.

Hotels are incredibly difficult establishments and facilities to secure. To ensure the safety of the premises, a guard tour patrol system can double protection for all guests and staff. With that, take a look at the benefits of placing a comprehensive system and software for remote management.

Real-time Tracking

The guard tour patrol system enables real-time action for both administrators and users. Administrators can remotely manage the system through a workstation. The users are the security personnel patrolling their designated area. The challenging parameter of any software is its ability to provide real-time tracking features.

Real-time data gets uploaded instantly once the guard checks a scheduled point. With this, the administrators are alerted that a perimeter is secured, which ensures the safety of the hotel. Through GPS, the movements of security personnel are tracked and marked on the map.

Reduced Costs

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Resources mean cost and capital investment. Most hotels tend to seek protection by posting guards in different locations to secure the entire structure. With more security personnel in place, it is harder to track the area they are guarding on a real-time basis. You will need managers to ensure that they are performing their duties and rounds well. This results in a need for more manpower. The more people needed, the more working capital goes to their salaries.

Guard tour patrol systems are guaranteed to reduce costs. This includes costs for transportation during patrolling tours, equipment costs, administrative tasks, and data analysis. A system in place should relieve excessive transportation costs to validate performed patrols or missed scans. It reduces the time spent to execute administrative tasks through cloud software that enable remote access and management.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Data is vital to any business’ success. A reliable guard tour system presents a comprehensive way to gather, analyze, and collate a large amount of valuable information. It can give you information regarding patrolled areas as well as the personnel who performed the tour. The analyzed data can help secure a building structure.

Moreover, it is supposed to enable guards and administrators to find ways to resolve any incidents that may occur. As the tedious tasks are alleviated, it is easier to plan and reinforce better problem solving and safety status reports for checked areas in the hotel premises.

Proper Scheduling

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A guard tour patrol system should enable you to create a strategic personnel rotation and performance plan. It allows you to properly schedule checkpoints and important areas to patrol at a certain time of the day. Guard tour schedules determine duties and entail planning for the following:

  • Security personnel responsible for an area

With a guard tour patrol system in place, dividing areas for available security personnel is made easy. Aligning schedules can be optimized so that no two guards will meet in the middle.

  • Patrolling rotation

Naturally, scheduling off days is part of rotation planning. The task of doing so is enhanced through a guard tour patrol system. You will no longer need other software to complete the patrolling schedule.

  • Areas that require frequent tours

This system can help you determine the areas that should be given the utmost priority and importance. These are the areas frequently visited by guests and the zones that are restricted. Security personnel are not only supposed to guard public posts but also areas where hotel employees normally enter.

Remote Management

A guard tour patrol system is convenient for administrators. The software can help you with locating checkpoints, validating marked areas, and determining missing ones. The system can also be remotely accessed at any time and from anywhere through a device that is equipped with cloud software. For larger hotels, it is a necessity to manage areas simultaneously. It is important to prevent communication problems from occurring.

Enhanced Guard Protection

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Take note that you need to thoroughly brief your security personnel on the system and its use. Reiterate that a guard tour patrol system is not created to spy on their activities but to identify and monitor if areas are secure. Moreover, the system guarantees the protection of the guards.

One of the unique features of the system entails the ability to send immediate SOS alerts with a simple press of the device. For instances wherein the life of a guard is at risk and there is no time to call for backup, a guard tour patrol system can save their lives. The aim is to ensure that guards are not alone in the territory.

Key Takeaway

Improve your business performance and reduce your operational costs by enhancing your security verification system. Increase your security personnel protection, consolidate data, and ensure the overall safety of your hotel with a reliable guard tour patrol system. Carefully reassess your hotel needs and take note of the possible resources your hotel business can save through a comprehensive system operating in the background.