The Future of Parking Security Systems in the Philippines

Published on : April 2, 2019

What is the future of parking security systems?

  1. Managing traffic flow
  2. Pre-book parking services
  3. Subscription access control
  4. Improved design and ease of Maintenance


We are in the midst of parking structure advancement, all with the goal to improve the flow of parking traffic, improve parking management, and driver convenience. Many parking structures in the Philippines use security systems that aid in protecting their customers and their vehicles. Let’s take a look at the advancements of parking systems and the future of these developments in the Philippines:


Managing Traffic Flow

Managing Traffic Flow

The flow of traffic in a parking structure is becoming a concern for many people. Negative experiences may render people to stay away from a parking structure and look for somewhere else to park their vehicle. The effects of this may even prevent them from coming back in the future.

The future for managing traffic flow in parking systems will be dependent on automated systems and payment methods. Maximizing parking spaces available will be linked to how a parking system can integrate time management. Effective control over the whole parking management system will make it comfortable for everyone and leave a lasting positive effect on drivers. Convenience will always be king of the hill when it comes to customer care.


Pre-book Parking Services

In the past, every parking system only offered a first come first served system. Though this parking method is still common, some parking structures are beginning to incorporate a pre-booking system. This allows parking structures to improve parking management and customer experience.

The method of online booking can help a parking operator assess the potential capacity of a car park. Knowing how much space is available and how much is saved for drivers who pre-booked can aid the parking operator in managing the traffic flow in the parking structure.

Pre-booking parking services are the future for parking structures as they can potentially operate without any staff on-site to handle manual transactions that may increase traffic. This allows drivers to have that peace of mind that they’ll surely have parking to where they’re going. Drivers won’t be hassled by having to waste time and look for parking. They can go straight to their designated parking location with no worries.


Subscription Access Control

Subscription Access Control

These types of parking systems are growing in popularity, especially in high-rise residential areas. Many luxury high-rise condos make use of this system because it has proven to be effective in controlling parking structure traffic. Mall parking structures that make use of this method have reduced vehicular queueing and ease of access do to the user-friendly feature of just having to tap an access card to an access card reader.

This type of management systems is slowly becoming common in malls. Customers can simply subscribe to a monthly parking subscription at kiosks found at malls. They’ll be given an access card that will allow them to enter and exit the parking structure. This is somehow similar to how biometric machines in the Philippines work, a single reading will allow drivers to open the parking gates. Some of these systems allow for exclusive parking to subscribers.

This parking system also works as a security system in the Philippines as the cars cannot leave the parking structure without the access card. Effective, safe, and truly efficient this system is a step into the future of parking.


Improved Design and Ease of Maintenance

This is one thing that parking structures need to get right. Not only will well-designed parking structures prevent drivers from getting lost and to help them find their vehicles, but it also helps them against becoming easy targets for criminals. The use of colors, symbols, and codes help drivers remember where they parked their vehicles. It’s important to keep the floor and area parking lot names and codes easy to remember.

A parking structure that is easy to maintain means that it should always be kept at top condition and well-maintained. A parking structure that is poorly taken care of gives off an impression that the structure doesn’t care much about its security system and can be easily infiltrated by criminals.

It should always be paramount for parking businesses to take care of and protect their customers. Employing the best form of parking security systems in the Philippines can help parking structures improve their services.


Key Takeaway

Parking structures have been one of the places that have been playing an important role in our everyday lives. We are constantly on the move and we will always need a place to park our vehicles. These developments will help make parking convenient and secure. Knowing that our vehicles are safe and sound will give us peace of mind. As we take a step further into the future, we will more likely see advancement in parking structures all over the nation. This will not be the final form of parking systems.

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