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Fever Screening System in the Philippines Through ThermoTrak 4

Published on : June 27, 2020

What makes ThermoTrak 4 an effective fever screening system?

  1. Real-time temperature data transmission
  2. High-precision temperature measurement
  3. Built-in warning system
  4. Easy installation
  5. Best for high-density areas


It’s more important now than ever for businesses to invest in contactless temperature measurement technology. As their spaces are reopened to the public, keeping staff and visitors safe belongs to the top of their priorities. Though the fever screening system in the Philippines isn’t a relatively new innovation, the “new normal” has many demands for a reliable version of this technology. If you’re unsure of where to look, ELID’s ThermoTrak 4 is sure to meet all your needs.

Fever detection systems need to respond to large scale demands, which are typical in areas where loose travel restrictions have been implemented. Read on to find out how ThermoTrak 4 provides a solution for these.


Real-time Temperature Data Transmission

Uses of contactless temperature measurement

A fever screening scanner should be able to record and capture the temperature of any given individual entering a space. But this is only half the job done — the machine should also be capable of recording the correct information. ThermoTrak 4 makes it possible, as it is capable of real-time temperature data transmission.

ThemoTrak 4 can be fitted and subsequently works alongside the functions of a clear-image computer monitor, where the data collected is transmitted accurately. As droves of individuals pass through the checking point, the thermal camera reads the data, which is then stored inside a blackbody system.

Real-time measurement is undoubtedly one of the most widely sought-after features which businesses are looking for when it comes to data transmission. The convenience allows them to focus their attention on other more important matters at hand. Furthermore, they wouldn’t have to continually rely on the functions of inaccurate, industrial-grade thermometers which are simply unacceptable.


High-precision Temperature Measurement

In conjunction with the ability to capture and measure real-time data, ThermoTrak 4 certainly doesn’t lag behind in delivering high-precision temperature measurements.

The device makes use of intelligent software that is able to track every face of individuals entering your establishment. The software doesn’t get overwhelmed with the volume of entities that it needs to direct its attention towards, due to the precise tracking software.

For the sake of everyone who is already inside your building, this feature allows them to rest in the fact that the machine won’t make a mistake in recording temperature. Management won’t have to resort to extraordinary means in simply trying to secure the health and safety of each person. The more people are able to put their trust in this technology, the more you’ll be able to keep your customers happy and potentially further draw in new customers to your site.


Built-in Warning System

Sketch of ELID's ThermoTrak 4 parts

Whether someone is wearing only a facemask or two, upon entering the site, the device is still more than capable of accurately recording temperature. If fitted with other access control devices, it can work well with the built-in warning system in limiting the entry and passage of individuals with high-temperature recordings.

Once the thermal scanner identifies an abnormal temperature reading, an alarm is triggered in the camera. The individual concerned would have to be brought to a re-inspection area, located in an isolated space where their temperature would be examined by personnel.

More often than not, the reading would be consistent with the findings of the separate temperature device. Personnel would be able to make the appropriate decisions on whether or not they’ll allow entry of the individual.


Easy Installation

Businesses may have some misgivings when it comes to adopting contactless temperature technology. They may even have some considerations with regards to the other systems they have to provide, or even simply the area size that the system would have to occupy. They certainly wouldn’t have the same reservations if they invested in ThermoTrak 4. The highly compact device and its built-in components can easily be installed in any given space. You wouldn’t need to make any major modifications in trying to fit the technology into your establishment.

The thermal camera component can be conveniently attached to a wall surface. The sturdiness of the device ensures that it won’t just suddenly fall or get damaged by different building elements. All of the parts that come with the device can be strategically placed wherever your building sees it fit.


Best For High-density Areas

Crowded airport

ThermoTrak 4 is perfect for use in areas where there are many people entering, at any given time. As mentioned before, the system will not show any signs of being overwhelmed at the volume of faces it has to scan, as it is specially built to handle complicated processes such as this.

This device is perfect for use in airports, residential spaces, and metro rail stations which are typically characterized as high-density areas. Social distancing may also be a bit of a challenge to achieve in these kinds of spaces — ThermoTrak 4 adds another layer of protection through its multiple temperature scanning capabilities.


Key Takeaway

ThermoTrak 4 is one of ELID’s most-effective yet when it comes to fever screening systems in the Philippines. Like many of the products in the ThermoTrak series, this device is capable of high-precision measurement and real-time data recording. It easily meets the social distancing and other safety demands that businesses would need to consider.

With ThermoTrak 4, you’re ensuring that all best practices in coping with the new normal are met. Invest in this innovative system now and eliminate your business’s safety concerns.

Product Information

Detector VOx uncooled thermal FPA
Resolution 384 x 288
Pixel Size 17pm
NETD <40mK @ 25°C, F#1.0
Response Range 8~14 m
Polarity Black hot/ White hot
Palette Up to 18 palettes
Measurement range 0°C ~ 60°C
Accuracy ±0.5 tD @ 33°C ~42°C of target temperature (±0.3°C with black body)
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