Featuring iswitch The Energy Savings System of Enkoa

Featuring iswitch: The Energy Savings System of Enkoa

Published on : November 5, 2018

What are the important aspects to learn about the Enkoa iswitch?

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  2. Components
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ENKOA System S.L. is a company that develops electronic solutions for identification purposes. Three of their main products are the following: the icount, iswitch, and the ilock. All of them make use of electronic identification to enhance their primary tasks which are counting systems, energy savings systems, and electronic locker systems respectively.

The icount is primarily used a parking system in the Philippines. it makes use of multiple types of technology such as mobile signal detection sensors (primarily Bluetooth/wifi), lasers, thermal, infrared, vision sensors, and more. the individual components have their specific functions and are incredibly durable. It is also well known as a stand-alone car guidance system but can be easily integrated into a bigger network of systems.

The other primary system is the ilock system. Used in the Philippines as a door lock system, it’s well known for its reliability and contactless interactions. In most of its applications, it makes use of RFID bracelets—resulting in no need for manually inserting keycards or passwords! Its advanced systems allow it to keep track of the person using the bracelet and are always linked to the mainframe via the info-terminals in which it’s used on!

The two systems are very important in their applications, the icount for parking systems, and the ilock for door lock systems, but when it comes to most establishments, particularly hotels, it’s the iswitch that is most relevant.



What is the iswitch

What is the iswitch?

The iswitch is an energy savings system that allows establishments to optimize their energy consumption. The kind of optimization that it provides can reach micromanagement levels. In the case of hotels, the iswitch is used in individual hotel rooms, making sure that energy optimization is at maximum capacity wherever it may be.

In essence, the iswitch energy savings system makes rooms easier to manage without the need for constant human presence. That being said, it uses a number of devices, which can be summarized to simple sensors, and their paired appliances. The whole system can be monitored and controlled in one unit, making it very easy to keep track of and optimize energy saving efforts made by establishments!



The Components of the iswitch?

The basic iswitch system will consist of a number of appliances and their paired smart sensors. Although most of the appliances such as the air conditioning units, the lighting, etc., can be of any brand, the only requirement being the compatibility with the iswitch—it’s the smart sensors that make the iswitch remarkable in their own right.

The iswitch makes use of different kinds of smart sensors in order to facilitate the energy savings system. Take note that not all of the sensors may be used in an application, but there will be at least one that will be in use in certain establishments. That being said, here are some of the most important components of the iswitch energy savings systems—specific to hotel rooms!

  • The Energy Saver – If you’ve been to a hotel recently, you’ll probably find an energy saver on the wall near the front door. This is basically a switch which turns on the necessary appliances within a room. If there’s no authorized card placed on it, most of the appliances won’t work. If a keycard is placed, however, then all of the appliances will be available for use!
  • Smart Sensors – The smart sensors are composed of different kinds of sensors that activate to certain stimuli. The door sensor takes into account whether or not the door is open or closed. Motion sensors keep track of movement within the room. Those two together automatically turns off the electricity when the door is closed and no movement is seen. Other smart sensors include the minibar sensor, window sensors, safety sensors, and humidity sensors.
  • The Appliances – As mentioned above, the iswitch system makes use of sensors and the appliances that are paired with them. In most cases, you won’t have to manually operate them. However, the option is still available. The energy savings system makes sure that all the appliances are always turned off when it’s not in use. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll not be available for manual use!



The Advantages of Having an Energy Savings System

The Advantages of Having an Energy Savings System

The iswitch is an energy savings system that is perfect for hotels—but there are some people who don’t think of an energy savings system as anything special. Please do keep in mind that when it comes to hotels and the hospitality industry in general, it’s very hard to keep track of all the appliances and energy consumption in every room. With the help of the iswitch, this becomes tremendously easy both for the clients and the management!



Key Takeaway

The iswitch is an incredibly powerful energy savings system that makes it possible to reduce the electricity consumption of establishments by a large amount. Try out Enkoa’s iswitch along with their other systems on your establishment! With arguably the best parking system in the Philippines and a door lock system that is very effective in its work, Enkoa presents three exceptional systems for every establishment!