7 Features Of The WinPro 2 Integrated Security System

7 Features Of The WinPro 2 Integrated Security System

Published on : January 28, 2022

What are the features of the WinPro 2 Integrated Security System?

  1. Access Rights
  2. Visitor Management
  3. Real-Time Monitoring
  4. Web-Based Control and Monitoring
  5. Time Attendance Management
  6. Report Generator
  7. Data Analysis and Presentation

Commercial and industrial buildings are large structures that need intricate security systems to keep safe from security threats. To make sure that your building is secure, old-school physical security measures are no longer enough. You would need good security system software to go with it.

The WinPro 2 Integrated Security System is a reliable and highly advanced security management software by ELID. The features of WinPro 2 will make any building secure and easier to manage. This integrated security system does not stop at security measures — it also helps building managers in keeping track of other activities as well. Read on to learn more.

Access Rights

To prevent unauthorized access or changes, WinPro 2 assigns specialized access for every operator. Anyone who can log on to the system will have different levels of access depending on their user ID.

A higher ranking person could access more features of the system than someone with a lower position. This lessens the chances of your security system being tampered with by unwanted and unauthorized individuals. Moreover, the system records all logon and operator activities, so they can be easily retrieved by an administrator anytime.

Visitor Management

WinPro 2 has a visitor management module for efficient and secure managing of authorized visitors in your building’s premises. It works well with other ELID devices such as smart-card readers, proximity readers, and web cameras. Its speed makes it a good solution for visitor management purposes.
Visitor enrollment and background checks happen immediately, and you can easily customize the privileges of each visitor. A summary and analysis of each visitor will also be generated within seconds.

Real-Time Monitoring

With WinPro 2, you can track all transactions happening in the building in real-time both through transaction reports and graphical display. On floor plans, operators will be able to see all devices and their statuses. Any changes will be detected right away and will be indicated with a visual cue like color changes, blinking, or maybe even a sound alert.

WinPro 2 also lets you integrate CCTVs into your security system which you can monitor on the same terminal. This add-on module supports some brands of HD-CVI and AHD Digital Video Recorders.

Web-Based Control and Monitoring

Web-Based Control and Monitoring

If you add the EL4200 web interfacer, administrators can access the WinPro 2 system through browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer! The system has a user-friendly web-based application where you can perform various tasks such as looking at CCTV footage, arming or disarming alarm points, viewing transaction reports, locking or unlocking doors, and others.

This feature also allows you to access the system on your mobile phone. Through the mobile application, you can have control over your building’s security even when you’re not in it — as long as you have internet connectivity.

Time Attendance Management

The time management module is integrated into the security system to make managing attendance much easier. The details of employees’ work hours can be monitored with ease and a report can also be quickly generated.

Attendance can automatically be monitored by First-In and Last-Out transactions through certain doors and/or access points. The data from these transactions can be used to create attendance reports for each employee. You can also customize your reports for different work shifts.

Report Generator

Report Generator

The WinPro 2 system can generate many kinds of reports that will prove useful to the building management. The reports include:

  • Transaction Report: You can generate a transaction report for any reader in the system. These can be filtered by date/time, reader, employee, department, and others.
  • Audit Trail Report: This report will show you the activities of each operator. It will show all the actions of operators during their shift, complete with a timestamp.
  • Data Generation: Data from a card database can be imported into the system through a text file. On the other hand, attendance and transaction records can be exported as text or Excel files in case you want to integrate them into third-party applications.

Data Analysis and Presentation

The WinPro 2 system is intuitive and efficient by nature. The system dashboard lets the user see the status of the entire security system, with all of its components, in an easy-to-understand graphical format. It also has behavioral analysis which shows the movement in the building through a visualized format, so you can easily spot abnormal behavior or activity. To top it off, all archived data can also be retrieved and interpreted into chart form immediately for analysis.

Key Takeaway

The features of the WinPro 2 Integrated Security System are what make this security implementation one of the most reliable systems in the market. Not only is it highly efficient and secure, but it is also user-friendly and makes use of advanced technology.

If your building needs better security, try checking our products! ELID is the most trusted manufacturer of access control and security systems in Asia since 1989. Learn more about us, or contact us for any inquiries!

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