4 Features of Sphere: An Integrated Security System

4 Features of Sphere: An Integrated Security System

Published on : July 19, 2021

What are the features of the SPHERE Security System?

  1. Handles Access Control Functions
  2. Integrates Features For A Common Supervisory and Control Platform
  3. Offers Additional Essential Features For Analysis and Tracking
  4. Can be Monitored and Controlled Through Multiple Platforms

Having your security responsibilities split between multiple parties or sticking with outdated systems for too long can create major problems for your business. An integrated security system brings all aspects and functions of a company’s security into a single hub for the convenience of all involved. The many features of the SPHERE security system help create the integrated security solution your business may need. These features provide ways for your business to offer intuitive and convenient hubs for a clearer view of your operations and any potential problems.

Handles Access Control Functions

SPHERE handles all standard operations. Setting up user databases, assigning access times, generating access reports are all handled by our software. Access rights are also managed by SPHERE These rights can be assigned based on user IDs and passwords to limit functions performed by a user.

These access control functions help reduce the chances of unauthorized use and changes, which ultimately build up your data integrity. Additionally, all logons and activities done by users are recorded by the system and can be easily retrieved by administrators for creating reports or conducting audits.

For increased security, SPHERE can also send out alert messages in the form of emails or SMS to registered operators and administrators whenever predetermined alarms for set activities occur in the zones controlled by the system.

Integrates Features For A Common Supervisory and Control Platform

SPHERE also integrates other essential features of your system to create a common supervisory and control platform to streamline your security operations. From site plan configurations to single-screen user interfaces, SPHERE aims to create an intuitive interaction and setup process for your operators.

Using SHERE, administrators can easily import floor plans into the system, and have every single component in their security integrated and presented on a single screen. The system also allows for accelerated monitoring as well as decision making, providing accurate and timely transaction reports. Changes in devices registered in your system are also reported in real-time and indicated with visual and audible cues.

SPHERE features mini server capabilities to improve your system performance, with the ability to support up to 16 mini servers with data transferability to the central SPHERE server. This enables your business to monitor and control a large number of dispersed doors, which is more efficiently managed by the use of mini servers rather than relying on a single server.

The SPHERE infrastructure also provides a real-time view and status updates of the entire system to the administrators. This lets them view the system, components, and people through a presented interactive graphical format.

Offers Additional Features For Analysis and Tracking

For your business analysis and tracking needs, SPHERE also offers other supporting features. The system can generate a behavioral analysis of staff movement, showing data visualization of their activity and providing a way for your people to identify and deal with abnormal behavior in secured areas.

Audit trail reports are also provided, showing extensive details of an operator’s actions on the system. This lets your business’ supervisors examine what exactly was done during employees’ shifts, with attached timestamps for each action done. A card database is also available, which records attendance and transaction records.

This recorded data can be exported into spreadsheets and text formats for integration with third-party applications for further analysis and tracking needs. Archived data can also be extracted from system files and displayed in chart form for a quick report.

Can be Monitored and Controlled Through Multiple Platforms

Can be Monitored and Controlled Through Multiple Platforms

Operators and administrators can assume full access to SPHERE through multiple platforms. This product offers a user-friendly web-based application, where administrators are allowed to access the system using web browsers such as Chrome or Safari.

Administrators can also perform various tasks while on these browsers, such as viewing CCTV feeds, accessing transaction reports, adding or deleting data cards, disarming or arming alarm systems, and much more.

With SPHERE, there is also no need to run to the office to check your security for urgent matters, as this system includes a powerful mobile application that enables effortless viewing and complete control via smartphone and tablet.

Your administrators will be able to receive real-time notifications of alarms or abnormal events through their smart devices and will be able to react to these events through added functions. They will be able to view live CCTV footage, watch recorded images and videos from the same devices, arm or disarm sensor points, and even lock and unlock doors if need be.

Key Takeaway

ELID’S SPHERE is an integrated security system that is designed with advanced features that can meet even the most demanding security requirements. The features of the SPHERE security system allow your business to stay secure while still enabling ease-of-use and improving your system performance.

With this system, it can lead your business to not only the quick identification of security issues but also to the effective coordination and processes between your personnel. To learn more about the possible benefits and inquire about this product, check here or message ELID today!