3 Features Of IDenCheK HRIS

3 Features Of IDenCheK HRIS

Published on : March 20, 2022

What are the features of IDenCheK HRIS?

  1. Web-based HRIS
  2. Reporting
  3. Integration with other modules

One of the main responsibilities of a human resource team is to keep track of employee records. From birthdays, certificates, newly hired employees, work anniversaries, ID types, and more — all employee information must be managed properly for future needs. But doing all these manually can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. To free up your time and keep records up to date, you should use a human resource information system. Read on for the features of IDenCheK HRIS.

Web-Based HRIS

IDenCheK HRIS is a web-based human resource information system. It is part of the CheK Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS), which is designed for the automation of HR tasks and management of human resources data and processes. 

IDenChek provides you with easy access to all the details required for your company’s human resources. Since the software is web-based, you will reap certain advantages that won’t be possible in desktop applications. 

The main advantage of using web-based applications is it is easily accessible across different devices. The software can also be used on most browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. This means that you can use it wherever you need to, as long as you have the right device and browser that can support it. For this reason, it’s suitable for the new normal in business, which is remote work.

Here are the device specifications you need to use the IDenCheK HRIS:

  • Processor: Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz or equivalent or higher
  • Hard Disk: 200 GB SSD
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM or Higher
  • Operating System: Windows Server 2012 or later

Since it is web-based, you can share access to the data stored on the IDenChek database with the right people, such as your HR team that is working remotely.



As a human resource information system, IDenCheK is used for maintaining HR records. In one central location, you will have access to all the information you need to monitor your employees’ personal and work data. You can also keep employee profiles updated for future references using the IDenCheK. 

Here are some of the reports you can generate using IDenCheK:

  • Certificates
  • Letters
  • Birthday Report
  • Manpower Roster Report
  • Newly Hired Report
  • Newly Regularized Report
  • Employee Anniversary
  • Employee Contact List
  • Employee Master List Report
  • Civil Status Master List
  • Employee ID Type Master List
  • Team Master List Report

These reports can be used for various purposes in your company. With an extensive amount of information that is easily accessible in one central location, you can track the employment rate, view the master list of employees, see who just got regularized, review employee backgrounds, track the manpower roster, know when it’s time to offer a new contract to an employee, celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries, and many more. All this information will help you make more informed decisions for your business. 

IDenCheK allows one-click generation of reports, so it will also free up the time spent manually perusing records when looking for specific employee information. This way, your HR team can focus on more important tasks. 

Integration With Other Modules

The CheK HRMS is made up of three main modules:

  • TimeCheK Time & Attendance System
  • IDenChek Human Resource Information System
  • PayCheK Payroll System

IDenCheK HRIS allows you to easily access reports on human resources, TimeChek gives you control and management of employee attendance, and the PayCheK payroll system will make payroll calculations easier. You can integrate all of these modules to streamline your HR processes and improve organizational efficiency. 

The integrated system flow starts by getting the employee time-in and time-out. After that, you can process attendance, including overtime, tardiness, leaves, absences, and holidays. Then, you can process the payroll and generate reports.

Because of the integration of the three, you can eliminate the time-consuming processes of your HR department. Go paperless and work on your HR needs from anywhere, whether it’s onsite or in a remote location. You can also reduce human errors because of the automation feature available. Other than these, CheK HRMS can also be integrated with third-party applications.

Key Takeaway

Now that you’ve learned the features of IDenCheK HRIS, you can start implementing it in your company. As a part of CheK, a complete human resource management solution, it can help you review and keep employment records for future reference. 

The CheK HRMS can help your human resource team become more efficient by getting rid of time-consuming processes. It’s the best solution for HR employees that are working from home because of its web-based format. All the data you need regarding human resources are organized and stored securely in one place, so they’re easily accessible by the right person when needed.

If you’re interested in complete human resource management solutions, you can send us a message here at ELID! Aside from being a trusted source of security access control and integrated security systems, we can also help you implement the CheK HRMS in your business.


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