Features You Should Expect from a Modern Security System

4 Features You Should Expect from a Modern Security System

Published on : June 6, 2018

What are the 4 features you should expect from a modern security system?

  1. Remote access
  2. Improved protection
  3. Activity awareness and alerts
  4. Preventive safeguards


There are a lot of choices available to you in the market when it comes to home security gadgets and devices. It seems like every day there is a new tech or telecom company that joins the industry. These companies then produce new ways you can protect your business or home in the Philippines and control access to it.

It can be a daunting task to know which of these modern security systems will best fit you, your family, or your workplace. It wasn’t even that long ago that the most you can expect from a security system for your home or business are devices that beeped when the door opened or an alarm that sounded when you didn’t punch in the right code.

These past few years, however, have given us a lot of new and compelling features that greatly improve the capabilities of a security system. It’s time to give the security measures in your home and workplace a much-needed update. Here are # features you should expect from a modern security system.

Remote Access

Remote Access


With a traditional security system, you are limited to interacting with it by simply sitting in front of the machine and trying to figure out which button you should push among a confusing array. A modern security system, on the other hand, often comes with a smartphone app so you can control it no matter where you are.

This new method of interacting with the system opens up new ways in which you can use it. For example, you can check the video cameras in your home while you are at work, control other devices, and even secure your home while laying in your bedroom. The modern security system you choose to install can even be the heart of an entire smart home. In fact, devices like smart locks, lights, and thermostats can all be controlled through your app.


Improved Protection


It is surprisingly easy for a potential intruder to disable most traditional security systems in the Philippines. Without access control and other safety measures in place, these traditional security systems often rely on phone lines to work – most of which can easily be cut and disabled from outside of your home. Even more recent security systems that make use of a cable connection often suffer from the same vulnerability.

State-of-the-art security systems today use a wireless cellular connection to communicate in and out of your home. This wireless connection is often dedicated to your smart home and security signaling. This means that the signal is not shared with any other service like the phone, internet, or television which could impact performance. Modern security systems are always on, will continue to communicate even when the line is cut or WiFi is down and will continue to signal even through a power outage.


Activity Awareness and Alerts


The smartphone app that comes with your security system doesn’t just let you control it. The app can also be a way for the security system to give you constant updates and let you know what happens to your home, as it happens.

The security system can tell you when your guests show up, or if your kids safely arrived home from school, or if your office drawer was opened, or even the instance when your video camera captures a new clip.

Most modern security systems can also remind you if you have left your front or garage door open on your way to work. Some can even let you close the door with the tap of a button. Your system does not need to be armed to do this, mind you. These features are always activated whether the system itself is armed or not.

 Preventive Safeguards

Preventive Safeguards


A modern security system can now warn you, your family, or your employees about other emergencies such as a carbon monoxide leak, a fire, or even the threat of a flood; either through natural causes or through damaged water systems. This is the result of modern security systems making sure that other devices such as CO sensors, smoke alarm, and water systems are all connected with each other.

A modern security system should also be able to take the correct measures to protect you and your loved ones. Should a fire break out or carbon monoxide leak, your security systems should automatically trigger a smart thermostat to shut down the air conditioning in your home. This should slow down the spread of gas and smoke through your home and give you enough valuable time to escape.


Key Takeaway


You can take the security of your home or your workplace into your own hands, thanks to the advances technology has made today. Every year, there are fewer people paying for third-party security services because much of the security systems and smart cameras available now are just as effective as their expensive predecessors.

It also helps eliminate recurring costs when you handle your own security and purchase a modern security system. Before you make a purchase though, make sure that you are fully aware of what your new security system is capable of.