7 Benefits Of Facial Detection Access Solutions

7 Benefits Of Facial Detection Access Solutions

Published on : April 20, 2021

What are the benefits of facial detection access solution?

  1. Non-contact entrance control solution
  2. Multi-user authentication
  3. Long-range and face + mask detection
  4. Criminal activity prevention
  5. Improvement of customer relations
  6. Better employee attendance compliance
  7. Integration with existing technology


Numerous companies are experiencing the advantages of a visitor management system in the Philippines thanks to security providers with the latest software and devices. But in addition to keycards and fingerprint scanning, did you know that you can integrate your access control systems with face recognition technology? To learn more about facial detection access solutions benefits, keep on reading!

Non-Contact Entrance Control Solution

The main difference between face detection technology with other mediums of authorization is the touchless feature. Because it doesn’t require physical contact unlike fingerprint scanners and card readers, it reduces the number of touchpoints needed.

First, it is a hygienic way to allow access to a restricted area. If you have a high volume of foot traffic going in and out of your building, it can reduce the contamination of viruses and bacteria which can facilitate the spread of illness. Second, this provides convenience to the users because they don’t have to search their bags for key cards.

Multi-User Authentication

Speaking of convenience, if you have a long queue of individuals waiting to enter your facility because they are manually getting checked by the security personnel, you might experience delays and downtime in your operations. Sometimes, a single access control system is not enough if you expect plenty of people to come into your building.

Fortunately, Elid’s FaceChek Touchless Technologies will fix this problem. Because it allows multi-user authentication, up to 5 persons can enter your facility at a time. Instead of shelling out for additional access control hardware, this device can help you save up on costs.

Long-Range And Face + Mask Detection

Concerning multi-user authentication, a face detection solution also has intelligent software capable of detecting people from 3 meters away. This way, employees and guests don’t have to wait for the device to scan their faces. This seamless approach doesn’t feel invasive because a person can just approach the entryways without being stopped for security measures.

Aside from that, software with intelligent capabilities can also detect individuals wearing masks covering their nose and mouth. This is a great solution for establishments that require this personal protective equipment such as hospitals and clinics. Other establishments will also benefit from this technology.

Criminal Activity Prevention

Because of all these features, organizations that require improved security measures will make the most of facial detection technology. First, it can only let people that are registered in the database to enter inside a private property. Second, in a commercial establishment, a potential troublemaker will get deterred because of the strict protocols in place.

Lastly, a face recognition solution can also help you track existing criminals. This is because you can register a snapshot that can be flagged by the system. If any of them tries to enter your facility, an alert will be sent to the security personnel. This is a useful feature that high-security places like banks and airports can also use.

Improvement Of Customer Relations

Because of the improved security, most clients will gain a better impression of the organization that uses face detection technology. Because a customer can feel safe while enjoying the convenience this solution can bring, you can also expect better sales for your company.

For example, the lines at the gate of a busy airport can be reduced with the addition of this security protocol. Once this gets normalized, passengers can save their time and arrive an hour before their scheduled departure. In retail shops, both customers and owners are also at peace knowing that thieves and shoplifters will be recorded in the database and deterred from coming back.

Better Employee Attendance Compliance

Better Employee Attendance Compliance

Other than outsiders and guests, a face recognition solution can also be used for monitoring employees. This is because it can be integrated with a human resource management system. Because a face-scanning device will be used to track time-in, it removes the problems associated with manual log-ins.

For example, it can prevent “buddy-punching” where a co-employee will insert another worker’s timecard in a time clock when the other is late or absent. But aside from that, it can also provide convenience to employees because they don’t have to insert a keycard or scan their fingerprint to get in or out of work.

Integration With Existing Technology

Facial detection software can also be integrated with other access control systems to improve security measures. Some examples are smart gates and visitor management systems to restrict access to outsiders. In high-profile facilities, it is also combined with automatic number plate recognition to ensure that only approved vehicles and authorized staff can enter.

Facial detection can also be efficiently integrated with temperature measurement devices. In this application, multi-user authentication and mask detection become the most beneficial.

Key Takeaway

Face recognition technology, when utilized with the right access control systems, can enhance your establishment’s security, provide convenience for customers, and help you track employees’ shifts. Its touchless feature makes it the first choice in facilities where hygiene and the reduction of contamination are important.

If you want to experience these facial detection access solutions benefits, you can contact Elid! In addition to these, we are also the trusted provider of access control systems in the Philippines. For more information on software and device, you can send a message here.