6 Energy Saving Tips for Your Building

6 Energy Saving Tips for Your Building

Published on : January 5, 2023

What are some ways your building can save energy?

  1. Get to know your building’s energy usage.
  2. Replace your lighting.
  3. Replace inefficient equipment.
  4. Make structural changes.
  5. Generate your own energy.
  6. Invest in an energy savings management system.

Buildings have a significant impact on the environment. Their carbon footprint is quite large due to the number of people inside them. Additionally, there are many inefficient appliances, systems, and devices within the premises that can further cause damage to the environment. To help your business, this article lists several energy saving tips that can help lessen your carbon footprint.

Today, many people and companies have become more conscious about how they can contribute to sustainable and environmental goals. Together, employees continue to make consistent efforts to build structures that save energy as well as cut costs on facilities. Keep reading to learn more!

Get to know your building’s energy usage.

Before implementing eco-friendly practices in an establishment, it’s important to know and understand how much energy your building consumes. This contributes to your building’s carbon footprint and is an indicator not only of your impact on the environment but also of how much on utilities.

To get started, you can dedicate a team to this task. Allow them to get a picture of the building’s energy usage, as well as appliances and rooms that consume the most and least energy throughout the day. It’s vital to know these to understand how you can improve on energy-saving in the long run.

Replace your lighting.

Replace your lighting

Lighting represents a large portion of your building’s energy consumption. This is especially true if you’re still using traditional or incandescent light bulbs. These kinds of bulbs only convert 5% of the energy they consume into actual heat, which means the rest of the energy simply goes to waste. In the case of halogen bulbs, the energy converted is only slightly better.

The good news is there are many more efficient alternatives available, like compact fluorescents and LEDs, which convert the majority of the energy they consume into actual heat and brightness. As a bonus, because of that more efficient conversion, you’ll have brighter lights, too.

Replace inefficient equipment.

As mentioned, there has been a recent increase in measures taken to boost sustainability and eco-friendliness. Many people have become aware of the impact global warming and climate change have made on the planet. This has pushed them to become more aware of how their choices affect the environment.

Before this century, however, that change was much less pronounced. So it’s possible older equipment and appliances aren’t as efficient when it comes to energy consumption. If your building has many of these present, it may be time to replace them with better and more innovative models.

Make structural changes

Make structural changes.

Sometimes, simple structural changes need to be made to make a difference in a building’s energy consumption This can include installing more windows to allow more natural light to come in. This reduces the need for electric lights at all hours of the day. However, changes like this will need to be planned carefully so as to not disrupt daily working life.

By using your creativity and strategic planning, there are several other ways you can make your building more eco-friendly. The goal is to consume less energy and to make the most of all the energy you do consume.

Generate your own energy.

One way that many buildings these days are taking a greener turn is by becoming a power source. The most common example is the use of solar panels. Solar-powered buildings have the option of relying solely on themselves for electricity, and they can provide energy to other buildings as well.

With the rising interest in sustainable energy, it’s not even as expensive as it used to be to go solar or invest in other kinds of energy.

Invest in an energy savings management system.

Finally, one of the best ways to conserve energy at your building is to invest in energy savings. At ELID, we provide our clients with one of the most reliable energy savings management systems in the Philippines ENKOA Energy Savings System. This makes both energy saving and room management easier. When the room is unoccupied, it avoids unnecessary energy expense and wastage by simply turning everything off automatically. A simple solution, but with very significant effects!

Key Takeaway

Those were some energy saving tips for companies to consider for their various establishments. It’s important to highlight that the first step in this process is to understand your present consumption rate and how you can improve it.

If you’re looking for an energy savings management system in the Philippines, contact us here at ELID. We can provide you with the ENKOA iSwitch Energy Saving System for your office building. If you’re interested in other security, management, and privacy products, feel free to browse the rest of our systems and solutions or contact us here for any questions or concerns. We look forward to partnering with you toward a brighter future!

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