How to Use Electronic Locks for Lockers and Furniture

How to Use Electronic Locks for Lockers and Furniture

Published on : August 22, 2019

  1. For Lockers
  2. For Furniture
  3. Safety Advantages
  4. Effective Audit Tracking
  5. Why You Should Use It


Most companies are incorporating electronic door locks for their facilities but did you know that you can use electronic locks for your lockers and furniture? If you wanted a safer and efficient option to secure your lockers and cabinets, you can use an electronic lock.

Modern workplaces and offices are no longer being separated by the boundaries of departments and cubicles. Everyone in the workplace shares one area for their operations. This modern movement streamlines productivity and encourages healthy working relationships. However, you still need to keep your belongings secure. You can do that by using an electronic lock for your lockers and other furnishings. Forget about fumbling with keys or physical locks. You can use an electronic lock to keep belongings secure as well as track audits. Check out how you can use electronic locks for your lockers and other furniture below!


For Lockers

For Lockers

As mentioned earlier, modern workspaces tend to be more open unlike before. This means employees are constantly moving around and they don’t always have a place to secure their belongings such as phones and other valuables. You would have to use lockers instead if you don’t plan to purchase bulky furniture with locks. Electronic locks are a great solution for offices.

These locks are much more difficult to breach compared to conventional locks. The built-in security in the locks can make each lock combination difficult to duplicate. You can even use RFID cards instead of electronic combinations to bump up the security even more.

Public places such as sports centers, gyms, and spas may be susceptible to theft. Making use of an RFID system is a user-friendly solution that can eliminate the chances of burglary. To ensure maximum protection, use an electronic lock for your lockers so you can protect your guests and your establishment from these instances.


For Furniture

If you’re looking to secure what’s kept in your cabinets or drawers, you can equip electronic locks to your furniture. Installing these kinds of locks to your furniture can keep your luxury items safe. You can even use an electronic lock to secure your trash bins and showcase cabinets. Electronic locks installed on your furniture can be opened manually or with an RFID system.

The locks are completely inconspicuous and can be hidden within the cabinets. If you’ve been wanting to keep your locks incognito, you can hide the electronic lock inside the furniture. No need for knobs or obvious handles. Just install and program it for easy access. It’s contactless, secure, and efficient. What more can you ask for?


Safety Advantages

Safety Advamtages

One obvious advantage is that it’s nearly impossible to pick the lock. Unlike manual systems, anyone that can make an effort to pick the lock can successfully do it, especially if they’re familiar with the lock system. Electronic locks ensure that this will never happen.

Another advantage is that these electronic locks don’t require specific management. In commercial establishments, if you’re using lockers with physical keys, you would have to manage them all manually. One or two people are needed to keep track of who’s using the lock at a current time. For private establishments such as gyms and spas, an electronic lock is a much better choice. You can let users hold on to an RFID card or a unique passcode. This allows your staff to do more around your establishment. The result is more productivity and reduced costs.


Effective Audit Tracking

If you need to track activity, electronic locks can make this much easier for you. Each lock can store data such as user identification, opening time, locking, and more. You’ll have a detailed report ready, anytime you need it. Your electronic lock system can also include software that allows you to manage the locks and find your needed audit trail. This is especially advantageous for lockers used in offices, spas, gyms, and more. You can easily view if the locker is occupied or if the lock is engaged remotely. Lock systems can produce standardized reports or custom reports by using the easy to use interface.


Why You Should Use It

Why You Should Use it

You need to use an electronic lock for your lockers and furniture especially if you need a better solution to secure your belongings. If you need accurate audit reports this can be a great and simple solution. It’s very easy to install and use. Locks are battery operated and can function even when there’s a power outage. If you plan to leave the facility unattended, electronic locks can be used to keep everything secured and accounted for. All you need is a network connection and you can access accurate information when you need it.


Key Takeaway

Electronic door locks and electronic locks are one of the most efficient solutions you can use at home or other establishments. They’re easy to install and maintain. They require a minimum amount of manual labor. Use an electronic lock like iLock from ENKOA to secure your furniture and lockers with ease.