Debunking Common Door Access Myths: The Right Way to Make Your Workplace Safer

Debunking Common Door Access Myths: The Right Way to Make Your Workplace Safer

Published on : February 23, 2024

What are common door access myths?

  1. They are easily hacked
  2. They don’t operate during a power outage
  3. They are confusing to operate
  4. They are set for life once set up
  5. They aren’t worth the investment


Reputable door access control manufacturers ensure that their products are difficult to hack with complicated security protocols implemented in the system.
In the case of electricity loss, access doors revert to fail-secure or fail-safe functions.
Having a friendly interface is one of the reasons why access doors are easy to use regardless of technological skill level.
Like all technology devices and systems, door access control should be updated to ensure its effectiveness in your workplace.
The safety and security of your employees and project information are always worth investing in.

Security is no joke, especially in workplaces with tens and hundreds of people and data at stake. Whether you work in a chemical plant, hospital, advertising agency, or grocery store, being aware of the capabilities and limitations of your door access systems is important to maximize this investment and secure your peace of mind.

In this article, we step into a journey of debunking common door access myths from complicated operations to cyberthreats. Read on to learn more about the misconceptions of door access systems.

They are Easily Hacked

Since door access systems rely on the internet, it is a common misconception that they are easily hacked. That is why it is important to partner with or invest in products from a reputable security access control manufacturer.

Credible manufacturers ensure that your system is equipped with advanced encryption algorithms and biometric authentication to make it difficult for intruders to hack. There is also secure communication between door access devices and backend servers that can help break off potential cyber threats.

Besides the complex software security protocols implemented in the system, the door access devices are monitored in real-time by the system and by operators who would be informed of their every status.

They Don’t Operate During a Power Outage

They don’t operate during a power outage

One of the most popular door access myths is that they are useless during a power outage. After all, it is basic knowledge that technological systems like these rely on electricity to function smoothly but that is not the complete situation at hand.

Many businesses build backup electricity plans such as an efficient building-wide generator that can sustain the operation of your door access systems. Apart from a backup power supply, depending on your access control, it can function either as a fail-safe or fail-secure.

Fail-safe unlocks your doors when there is no power supplied while fail-secure locks it. These operations can vary in the system with fail-safe being a popular operation for main entryways and exits in an emergency.

They are Confusing to Operate

One of the main benefits of integrating door access systems into your business is efficient management. This technology is not to add more weight to the daily complications of business operations but to make them easier whether it is monitoring logistics, screening visitors, or making reports.

The door access systems are supportive technological products. This also means that they prioritize individual experience as much as organizational experience. They are initially designed to be user-friendly. They are created with interfaces that are easy to navigate, making turnovers of monitoring responsibilities easier.

Regardless of technological skill, the research and development of door access systems ensures that they can accommodate and support users of the system. This can be through intuitive surfaces, clear instructions, accessible design, and flexible authentication options.

They are Set for Life Once Set Up

They are set for life once set up

Door access systems are founded on advancing technology. Its efficiency and effectiveness are only as good as the need to upgrade it. As a result of countless businesses developing new ways to protect their physical well-being and the privacy of their data, it is only the right way to be aware of advancements to make your workplace safer.

One of the reasons is that modern infrastructures or IT environments no longer can support the outdated structure of older door access systems. This can limit their effectiveness and possible integration with other security systems such as automated parking and hotel lock systems.

They aren’t Worth the Investment

Nowadays, the success of a business lies in how well it adapts to the quick changes in technology. Sometimes businesses compete on being the first to develop and implement these advancements to further their position in the market. One of these growing technologies is the door access systems.

With these systems, businesses are more efficient in their operations without compromising on security. The working environment tends to be fast-paced and collaborative settings that often are vulnerable to theft. This technology helps in supporting comprehensive surveillance throughout the entire office whether they are regular employees or visitors such as clients or suppliers.

Key Takeaway

In debunking common door access myths, it is important not only to do research on the products available for your workplace but also to ask the right questions to your trusted access control manufacturer.

With ELID, all your door access questions are accommodated. We are committed to our consistent research and development of intricate and complicated algorithms, securing your office from cyber threats. To find out more about our products, check out our website or contact us for all inquiries regarding quality security systems.