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What is Criminal Tailgating?

Published on : November 7, 2020

You may have heard on the news about criminals being able to access restricted areas in an establishment. You may have heard of the term criminal tailgating. Nowadays, criminals are getting more creative in their tactics to steal property or information. They are becoming more confident in entering establishments even without authorized access. What is criminal tailgating? Keep on reading to learn more.


What is Criminal Tailgating?

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Criminal tailgating is an act when an unauthorized criminal follows an authorized person to an authorized only area. The criminal either pretends to be an authorized person himself or uses distraction techniques to enter a restricted area. It is a type of social engineering to trick people into taking action that they would never think can lead to criminal acts such as theft and burglary.


How Does Criminal Tailgating Happen?

Criminals apply many different ways to do this act. These involve acting, distraction, and trickery. Some examples are listed below.

Crowded Establishments

Criminal tailgating can easily happen in crowded establishments. A criminal will wait for a crowd of people to enter a restricted-access area. He will move in the crown naturally and enter an authorized area. No one will suspect anything because these people are too busy to get where they are going.

Kind but Disoriented Employees

Criminals will dress-up in the same attire as employees or members of the establishment that they are targeting. These fraudsters will don similar-looking access cards and identification cards to fool other people. They will try to chat up the real employees to distract them as they walk to the entry points of restricted areas. The real employees will then use their access cards or hold the door open thinking that this is a polite gesture to the fake employee.

Lack of Security

Not all establishments have a good security system. And even if they have one, criminals can still get through loopholes like the ones mentioned above. The lack of awareness of the employees about the phenomena of criminal tailgating also makes it easier for criminals to trick them. Criminals look for vulnerability in your security system.


Prevent Criminal Tailgating with ELID Systems


ELID has been a c reputable manufacturer of security access control systems since 1989. With so many types of systems to choose from, you can be sure that your establishment will be safe from criminal tailgaters.

AI Anti Tailgate System

With ELID’s AI Anti Tailgate System, you can prevent criminal tailgaters from entering your establishment. It features the ELID Eye, a camera with AI capacity to detect those who are trying to get into your establishment without authorized access. It will sound an alarm when more than one person tries to enter an entry point. This means that every person that enters a restricted area will need some form of an access card. If ever someone tries to tailgate, an alarm will sound.

ELID Eye should be combined with other forms of security access systems to strengthen the overall security of an establishment. It is unobtrusive because it is a low-key device that doesn’t hinder the entry points of an establishment.

Other necessary security access systems that should be combined with the Anti-Tailgate System are as follows:

Visitor Management System

With this system, the staff at an establishment can ask for identification cards to register visitors digitally. When placed in the entrance of an establishment, it can deter troublemakers.

Hotel Lock System

This lock system ensures that not only the hotel management’s restricted areas but also hotel guests’ rooms are safe from intruders.

Lift Access System

Authorized people, like hotel guests, office employees, security guards are the only ones that can hold lift access cards to further limit the people that can enter an establishment.

Door Access System

Card readers are placed in strategic entry points to limit access to restricted areas in an establishment. Only key people are authorized to access these doors.

Smart Gates System

A smart gates system is suitable for areas that cannot be restricted with doors. Turnstiles are combined with card readers to restrict access. It can be placed in open areas such as a lobby. Lobby staff can easily spot and trace unauthorized people.

Intrusion Alarm System

This system can be combined with the use of CCTV cameras, motion sensors, and door sensors. The system will notify you about an intrusion and security personnel can immediately trace the intruder.

Vehicle Access System

Cars are also an important property that should be restricted access to. Only authorized people such as employees of a company, tenants of a residential building, or hotel guests can be given access to a parking space.


Key Takeaway

Now that you understand what is criminal tailgating all about, it’s time to upgrade your establishment’s security. Criminals are now more creative than ever and will do almost anything to get what they want. An Anti-Tailgating System is now becoming more necessary than ever to deter these troublemakers.