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6 Advantages of Contactless Temperature Measurement

Published on : June 3, 2020

What are the advantages of contactless temperature measurement?

  1. Shorter response time
  2. No surface contamination
  3. Can measure moving parts
  4. Reduces contagion
  5. Contains temperature logs
  6. Improves access control


Through measures such as physical distancing and limitations on movement, the chances of spreading a contagious virus such as COVID-19 can be minimized. A high level of physical interaction remains an impossibility in the near future. Knowing this, many industries would need to be aware of the many advantages of contactless temperature measurement.

What Is Contactless Temperature Measurement?

A person holding a contactless temperature scanner

Traditional forms of gathering temperature are no longer possible at this time. Especially in such a fast-paced environment, instantaneous readings should become the standard.

The concept of contactless or no-contact temperature measurement was born out of a need to minimize the physical proximity between the measuring device and the subject. This method is preferred for objects possessing difficult properties to work with, such as moving objects or objects containing high heat ratings. Continue reading to learn more.

Shorter Response Time

One of the features of contactless temperature measurement is its shorter response time. Through the simple click of a button, the reading would be available on the device’s screen. This offers any user with a higher level of convenience, as it does not require them to wait longer than a few seconds before they can acquire the needed information.

This is also useful for building establishments at this time, especially in avoiding instances of overcrowding in lobby spaces or waiting areas.

No Surface Contamination

Factory workers getting their temperature checked

One of the dangers of contact temperature measurement is that it can increase the level of contamination between the device and the object being measured. This not only results in inaccurate readings but may also endanger the individual conducting the measurement.

Anomalies in temperature readings are one of the situations contactless temperature seeks to eliminate. For example, industries such as those involved in the manufacturing of different kinds of metals need to wear protective personal equipment to keep themselves safe. When using infrared thermometers to gauge the measurement of high-temperature metals, it’s important for them to be able to stay at a safe distance for precise readings. This fact alone makes contactless temperature measurement devices a more viable option as they will not contaminate the material involved or result in compromised temperature readings.

Can Measure Moving Parts

Similar to what has been said before, old versions of contact thermometers take a lot of time before any information is received. This fact alone makes these devices unreliable in measuring temperatures of several moving objects all at once. On the other hand, contactless temperature measurement is capable of achieving this, without any sacrifice on the accuracy of the readings.

Building establishments don’t have the time to manually monitor the temperature of every individual entering the premises. They would do well to utilize contactless technology such as ELID’s ThermoTrak 3: Body Temperature Detection and CCTV Surveillance.

The device can be fitted in strategic locations at a distance, enabling readings even from high positions. Through its built-in CCTV feature, it can accurately read the body temperature of every person entering a building. It can also make instantaneous alerts to a monitor easily-viewable by the user. Alongside a quick response time of just under 30 seconds and the capability to detect temperatures of multiple individuals at any given time, this is one of your best options yet.

Reduces Contagion

A woman getting her temperature scanned

Based simply on the name itself, a benefit that is present across every device capable of contactless temperature measurement is that it reduces the possibility of contagion.

Everyone knows that we currently need to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With this technology, the maintenance and security staff who are responsible for taking the temperatures of each customer would be more equipped to deal with the droves of people. They’ll also be able to lessen their exposure to the virus.

Contains Temperature Logs

Every reliable system of contactless temperature measurement can offer the user the ability to track previous temperature measurements of the device.

For those involved in industrial work, they need to be able to keep track of this kind of information, especially if they’re dealing with a high-volume of metals and materials. The user-friendly unit makes accessing previous temperature information easier and less cumbersome.

Improves Access Control

A woman's temperature being read through infrared

Finally, contactless temperature measurement is effective in improving the quality of a building’s access control. As mentioned before, some of these devices can be utilized in conjunction with other computers and other access control systems such as smart barriers and security cameras.

For example, the reading of the individual is determined and sent to a screen for viewing. The user would then be able to determine which individuals may need to be monitored or examined before they’re allowed to enter the spaces of the building. This capability allows them to better protect the other individuals in the vicinity without compromising their health.

Key Takeaway

Improving access control, minimizing contagion, and shorter response times are just some of the advantages of contactless temperature measurement. In order for the world to adapt to the “new normal”, they need to be ready to adopt technologies such as this.
If you haven’t invested in contactless temperature measurement devices, then you might want to start now. They create only the most effective safety outcomes for your business.

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