What Kind of Contactless Temperature Measurement Is Best for Your Business?

Published on : October 3, 2020

What kind of contactless temperature measurement is best for your business?

  1. Traditional Contactless Thermometer
  2. Body Temperature Detection
  3. Body Temperature Detection with Face Recognition Terminal
  4. With CCTV Surveillance
  5. Blackbody


For the past couple of months, more and more are reopening their business and establishments to continue onsite operations. However, the COVID-19 virus is still out there, and we are still under a state of a pandemic. Because of this, contactless temperature management for businesses is highly recommended as part of a safety and health protocols. This serves as an initial check at entry points and assesses people who may have elevated temperatures to help spread and mitigate the impact of the virus.

But, before you reopen, it is important to be aware that there are certain types of contactless temperature measurement devices curated for various environments. Not all thermometers and devices are efficient and convenient for all businesses — especially if you are a large enterprise, a commercial building, or have different office settings. Choose the wrong one, and you may miss more than half of infected people. So, if you want safer, more convenient, and efficient procedures, select carefully.

To help you out, we’ve made a complete list of the different types of non-contact temperature assessment devices for varying industries and settings. Continue reading to learn more!


Traditional Contactless Thermometer

Digital contactless thermometers are not something new technology. However, because of the pandemic, there has definitely been a surge in demand for the device. It’s been quite effective and efficient as it can be used from a distance of at least 5cm, and can tell the temperature within one second. These are perfect for small businesses and for individuals who don’t really encounter a significant amount of people per day. However, if you are a business with a large team or own an establishment that has many people passing through the doors day per day, this may not be efficient and convenient for you as it will cause long lines, aggravated customers, and will remove the essence of social distancing. Instead, these devices below may be of great help to you:


Body Temperature Detection

Body Temperature Detection

If you own an establishment with rather a larger amount of people per day, the ThermoTrak 1: Body Temperature Detection is what you are looking for. This is a unique, safer, and progressive detecting technology of contactless, high-precision temperature measurement sensors. Its detection distance holds up to 1cm and 20cm — wherein its detection height can be customized as well.

Plus, this can run up to hours as it has a 24-hour dynamic infrared body temperature monitor. You don’t need anyone holding the device to make it work. This is perfect for those whose buildings run the day to night. This can be utilized on its own or integrated into different other equipment to serve other temperature measurement purposes.


Body Temperature Detection with Face Recognition Terminal

If you are managing a mall, any type of service, a hospital, or any establishment that has a wide array of individuals coming in and out per day, its best to invest in a body temperature detection with a face recognition feature like the ThermoTrak 2. Why? Because unlike offices, you are dealing with various individuals who you are most likely not familiar with. Apart from getting the no contact body temperature detection, you will also have a daily face identification attendance and access control wherein you can monitor everyone and anyone. This has a high capacity memory of 3000 faces and 1,000,000 logs. You even have the chance to download and record your reports.


With CCTV Surveillance

With CCTV Surveillance

On the other hand, if you own or manage a building, you may have an attendance report and may have low volumes of people coming in, but some of these are visitors and just have deliveries within the premises. For that reason, choose the ThermoTrak 3. It gives you Smart Fever Detection with a thermal sensor integrated CCTV camera and body temperature. Plus, if a fever or high temperature is detected it will immediately set off its alarm.



Now, if you manage an area that has a high volume of people simultaneously, much like airports, residential buildings, train stations, and large company buildings, then, one with a black box feature should be what you should invest in. The ThermoTrak 4 offers accurate head temperature recognition even when these individuals are wearing masks or hats. This also includes a CCTV for security and recognition and an abnormal temperature warning alert/alarm.


Key Takeaway

Before you open your establishment, you should look into contactless temperature management for businesses as the traditional way of doing so may not be as efficient if you have a larger volume of people coming in and out of the premises. You should be providing your space and area a curated device. To make health protocols safer and much more convenient for everyone, check out one of the devices above! Or click here to learn more about ELID’s ThermoTrak 1, 2, 4, and 4!

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